Sync Email Accounts

Sync your Google, Zoho, Office365 or any other mailbox with Recruit CRM to send and receive an email from within the CRM.

Sync Email Accounts
Organize Your Mailbox

Stop scrolling through never ending emails to find the one you want. Recruit CRM "Relates" your emails to the candidates or contacts they belong to so you can find the right message in each persons profile.

Organize Mailbox
Email templates

Save time by Creating & using email templates customized for every situation.

Email Templates
Email Open Tracking

See if your recipient has opened your email with Email Open Tracking

Email Open Tracking
Automated Email Triggers

Keep working, the emails are on us. Recruit CRM sends emails whenever certain actions are performed.

Automated Email Triggers

It’s Easy To Get Started

You can immediately start a zero-commitment free trial or book an online demo with us

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