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We are seeking an analytical General Counsel to optimize our organizational performance in terms of legal matters. You will ensure that the company functions within the law at all times, offer counsel on legal issues, build an effective guardian of the organization, and facilitate business strategy development. You will be able to control the impact of external factors and limit risk exposure.

General counsel responsibilities:

  • Advise executive, senior management, and board on several matters.
  • Fix internal governance policies and maintain the impact of external factors.
  • Monitoring and organizing draft agreements, such as employment and vendor agreements.
  • Reviews, researches, evaluates, and provides both written and oral opinions on a wide variety of legal issues. Inspire, motivate, and direct team toward the best performance.
  • Keep up-to-date on variations to legislation, regulations, and relevant legal news.
  • Preserving all corporate records.

General counsel requirements and skills:

  • Proven general counseling experience in business environment or equivalent.
  • Understanding to analyze and understand issues and to prepare legal opinions.
  • Very good understanding of legal issues.
  • Should have leadership quality to manage several legal experts and to direct them.
  • Notify with all the latest changes in the federal, state, city, and county measures that could impact the operation of the business.
  • Negotiation skills to charge of the response, from formulating an approach to going to the courthouse to argue a case.
  • Expert communication skills to ensure all litigation knowledge and instruction to staff are clear and efficiently ensure the desired outcome.

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