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Our expanding company is looking for a hard-working Operation Manager to conduct the overall operation. You will be in charge to oversee the organizational activities of businesses, government agencies, non-profit groups, and other organizations. The candidate shall also be responsible for managing a team of people, which involves both the engagement and development of these people.

Operation manager responsibilities:

  • Looking after all the operational systems, processes, and infrastructure along with finding opportunities for further revision.
  • Provide inspired leadership for the organization.
  • Make major policy, planning, and strategy decisions.
  • Predict requirements; develop an annual budget; organize expenditures; analyzing variances; initiating corrective actions.
  • Track the staff requirements, hiring new employees as needed.
  • Conduct reviews on the basis of performance and provide feedback to staff for the same.
  • Ensure Key Performace Indicators (KPIs) are in place and support the production planning process.
  • Make sure production targets are met.
  • Conduct meetings on regular basis with the team to discuss issues, concerns, updates, etc.
  • Retrospect process workflow, employee and space requirements, and equipment layout and implement changes for the same.
  • Manage staff levels their wages, work hours, contract labor to revenues.
  • Supporting all the business functions to work together.

Operation manager requirements and skills:

  • Bachelor’s degree in operations management, business administration, or any other related field.
  • Minimum of two (2) years of recent overall project management experience or similar role.
  • A thorough understanding of budgeting processes and financial and principles so they can assess the company’s earnings and spending to find areas for improvement.
  • Excellent communication skills with Leadership ability and outstanding organizational skills.
  • Solid understanding of financial management.
  • Strong business negotiation, decision-making, people management, budget development, influencing, and leading.

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