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Case Study: How Bluebird Grew Their Team by 150% Using Recruit CRM

In a candid conversation, Machiel Kunst, Founder of Bluebird, talks about how they grew their team, scaled their efficiency, and overall business functions using Recruit CRM.

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Uncharted: What Can Recruiters Take Away from this Hit Game-Turned-Film?

As the film adaptation of the popular game Uncharted hit Netflix this week, we look at what recruiters can take away from its flawlessly-written characters.

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Recruitment KPIs You Need to Start Tracking ASAP for Better Hiring Efficiency

Want a clearer idea of how to make optimal use of recruitment KPIs? Read on to find out how they can help you source the right talent and improve hiring efficiency.

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20+ Questions to Ask While Evaluating an Applicant Tracking System

Choosing an ATS to fulfill your recruitment needs is never an easy task. Apart from putting your research cap on, here are 20+ questions that you should ask while assessing one.

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Retail Recruiting 101: Here's Everything You Need to Know

Retail recruiting is notoriously tricky. Keep reading to figure out how the process works plus a few tips to help get you started.

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What if Thor, the God of Thunder, Was a Recruiter?!

What if, Thor, the God of Thunder himself decided to be a recruiter to rebuild the Avengers? What do you think he’d do to find the perfect match? Read on.