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We are looking for an experienced and skilled Truck Driver to help our supply chain logistics department in a safe and timely custom. You will be tasked with driving, maintaining, and managing trucks that will be assigned to you, as well as working strictly with our team of dispatchers to plan routes and track deliveries. You are required to follow all the safety regulations and standards regarding size, weight, and break periods must be followed.

Truck driver responsibilities:

  • Drive and operate trucks.
  • Transport completed goods and raw materials over the area to and from manufacturing plants or retail and distribution stations.
  • Keep an activity log and log times.
  • Find means to conserve resources, including fuel, to serve the business.
  • Complete documentation for distance and baggage
  • Keep track of mileage, fuel, and toll expenses.
  • Verify inventory matches shipping records.
  • Gather, examine, and verify delivery instructions.
  • Adhere to laws on business vehicle operation as per Central, State, and local administrations.
  • Conduct regular security inspections on the vehicle to assure compliance with government and company guidance.

Truck driver requirements and skills:

  • Proven practice experience as a Truck Driver.
  • Transparent driving record.
  • Must display a medical certificate.
  • No serious slips or accidents in the latter 5 years.
  • Expert at driving, maneuvering, and placing large vehicles.
  • Current truck driving license.
  • Must be familiar with DOT driving laws.

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