If you are a recruiting firm, your day-to-day working system would include managing your candidate pool, parsing resumes with the usage of a high-quality Applicant Tracking System, scheduling interviews with candidates and so on. This definitely has gone upside down because of the ongoing pandemic. Almost overnight everyone has moved from working from offices to working from home- including the recruitment and staffing sector.

The common response amongst many organizations was to freeze the recruiting process due to innumerable hiring challenges. As the pandemic continues, freezing the hiring process is however not the long term answer. Many organizations are still in need of new talents and here’s how you can get remote recruiting right.

Remote Recruitment – The Need Of The Hour

According to the Forbes analysis, most executives have never done interviews on an online medium. This seems unsettling but it is indeed true.

Remote recruiting definitely works. Many recruiters have been using successful recruiting tools to make this entire process run smoothly like never before. The recruiting agencies already have hands-on experience in dealing with job seekers via phone call. Thus, phone calls and video calls are the only sources that can be used by recruiters in the given situation.

Remote recruitment, today offers you the benefit of working for any recruitment agency from any part of the world. The new hire might not have to relocate post-pandemic- The new normal.

4 Important Aspects A Recruiting Agency Should Note While Remote Recruiting

1. Employee Branding

A recruitment agency’s employee branding is needed now more than ever. An employee would never get to see their office space anytime soon so thereby to keep the excitement running, you will have to help them understand how the entire agency would run online.

2. Digital Presence

Your recruitment agency needs to have a quality digital presence. Make sure to review your social media pages while in the shoes of your desired candidates. Update your LinkedIn company page that shall further help in attracting job seekers.

Use photos, videos and even employee testimonials to paint a vivid picture of your commitment towards your candidates.

3. Conducting Virtual Interviews

A great recruiter always makes an enthusiastic interviewer. Vivid research and ethical virtual interviews of job seekers would make you an expert in recruitment.

Remember to use quality video calling tools just so that you don’t freeze in the middle of a call. Recommended tools for conducting such virtual interviews include Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Webex, and BlueJeans. They all offer an excellent interface and great user experience.

If you want to use other options but need to improve the UX, you can consider doing a user experience audit to help you identify and improve problems.

Also, invest in a high-speed internet connection. Test and retest your technological tools until you feel super confident.

Lastly, don’t forget to find a suitable location for your video calls- a place that delivers a professional vibe.

4. Overcome Your Biases

A recruiting agency should not even hold a second thought about candidates’ cultural shock. The work culture is changing with lightning speed & opportunities are virtually dominated. Construct a recruiting strategy that will help you overcome your biases. Re-evaluate the job descriptions, follow a standard procedure, have a diverse panel and be objective and open to any kind of feedback. These are some basic tips on how you, as a remote recruiter, can overcome biases towards potential and already-existing employees.

The key takeaway from this article would be to learn more about how a remote recruitment agency works and what exactly is remote recruiting. Keep in mind that remote recruitment never started with this Covid-19 pandemic. What now might have become the new normal was already in existence for a long time. Gear up and get going keeping in mind these above important aspects of remote recruiting.