Are you considering a career in recruitment or just starting out in the field? Then here’s something special for you.

We’ve gathered some of the top experts from the recruiting and staffing industry to share their invaluable advice, insights, and experiences.

Let’s take a look at the top things they have to say!

1. Embrace new opportunities and seek recruiting mentors

Recruitment is a dynamic field with a steep learning curve and that may be challenging for beginners.

Executive recruiter Thomas Jennings shares that adapting to this ever-evolving industry can be overwhelming initially, but you can navigate your way to success with the right guidance and mentorship.

Key elements for newcomers to consider are:

  • Early mentorship in the industry can provide clear expectations, keeping new recruiters grounded and resilient during challenging times.
  • Beginners must be willing to learn new things and participate in collaborative projects, which can significantly enrich their experience in the industry.
  • It is essential to learn about compliance and contract-related practices within the industry of your choice. Having a thorough understanding of legal guidelines early on will help you build a strong foundation for your career.

2. Respecting the recruitment industry and committing fully 

Recruiters have the power to change lives. It is rewarding to help people land new jobs and start new chapters in their lives. 

Senior recruitment leader Mina Machacek believes in the power of recruiting to make people happy. She urges recruiters to respect their profession, understand the business sector, and never take the industry for granted.

Faye Spruce (Head of internal recruitment) echoes this sentiment and emphasizes the importance of pushing your boundaries, taking risks, asking questions, and trying new things. 

She states that recruitment is a career where the more you put in, the more you get out.

You have to commit yourself wholeheartedly!

3. Choosing the right company and enjoying the thrill

Senior talent acquisition specialist Donna Levan states, “Recruitment is a challenging but fun industry.”

The thrill of a successful placement is one of the many rewards of a career in recruiting. And when you make that successful match, the feeling is unbeatable.

Recruiting is a job that allows you to partner with companies you are passionate about and believe in.

In Levan’s view, it’s about carefully aligning your professional aspirations with the right opportunities.

4. Leveraging your networking abilities 

Regularly reaching out and connecting with potential candidates is key to building and expanding your network.

And in the world of recruitment, your network is equivalent to your net worth.

Aaron Gonsalves (Global Head of Talent Acquisition) says it’s not just about looking ahead to expand your outreach; he believes, “We should always go back to the people we’ve spoken to before, ask how they are, build a relationship, and keep the network going.”

Christine Redd, another senior in the field, suggests prioritizing texting as a tool for recruiters. Being concise and consistent in texting candidates can significantly enhance the hiring process and further the candidate experience.

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