Who doesn’t love a good ol’ funny video?

Recruiting itself can be a super stressful process, and you must have heard innumerable funny recruitment stories from your colleagues.

There may be times when you were also subjected to a funny candidate. Who isn’t?! 😂

We did some digging and shortlisted 6 funny recruiting videos from YouTube for you to have a good laugh at amidst those hiring blues.

1. “He Was Running Late for a Meeting, So I Pushed Him down the Stairs…”

2. “Where Do You See Yourself in Fifty Moons Time?”

3. “Extreme Negative Feedback”

4. “Experienced Entry Level Positions”

5. “I am Super Passive-Aggressive & I Will Talk Behind Your Back the First Chance I Get…”

6. “That Was a Test!”

The fun doesn’t entirely end here.

Drop links to your favorite funny recruiting videos in the comment section below.