Using tools to automate some of your tasks to manage your LinkedIn can free up time to manage more important and personal tasks in your recruitment business.

LinkedIn Automation can be anything from sending out connection requests, messages to potential prospects, sending follow-up messages, and more.

Using automation might seem like you’re turning your business into a machine but don’t worry! Enabling automation actually takes the mundane tasks off your plate so you can focus on building strong relationships with your candidates and clients.

Who doesn’t want that?

Did you know that in a study of over 5,000 businesses, HubSpot found that traffic from LinkedIn generated the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate at 2.74%, almost three times or 277% higher than both Twitter and Facebook?

What Is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation works by enabling tools to help you streamline your recruiting by mimicking the actions you would typically take while using LinkedIn.

Automation can function to-

  • Send automated invitations to a specific target group (candidates and clients)
  • Export contacts from LinkedIn as a target group to use them as an audience for ads
  • Send a private message to your LinkedIn contacts
  • Automatically invite your contacts to follow your company account
  • Scrape relevant information from someone’s profile
  • Extract your LinkedIn connections
  • Extract company info
  • Auto-like content from specific connections

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Should You Use LinkedIn Automation For Your Recruitment Agency?

Automation might seem daunting at first, but investing in quality LinkedIn automation tools can help you walk through the process seamlessly.

When you are using automation, it’s important to ensure that you work to avoid seeming spammy to your target audience.

You want to engage your connections in a way that makes their interest piqued and invites them to look past the use of bots.

The best LinkedIn automation tools are designed in a way to ensure you have total control over your automated bots. You can decide where you want to take over the interaction from your bots and vice versa.

Bots allow you to create entire funnels to creatively engage your candidates or have the freedom to personally connect with your candidate and teach the bot to take over other mundane tasks or take over the conversation entirely.

Recruiting companies and candidates alike can find great uses for LinkedIn automation. You can easily find great candidates on job boards or find a new client for your business. You can even use it to contact or connect with prospects.

There’s a use case for anything you can put your mind to!

Trying to become a niche expert? Use LinkedIn Automation.

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Here’s A Practical Example

You spend hours upon hours searching for accountants in your area. What’s your typical process when searching for these candidates?

You utilise the recruiting seat function to send any accountant that has “Open to new possibilities” a message to advertise a new job opening.

If your search area contains 10,000 accountants, you’ll be spending a lot of your time just initiating a conversation with your prospects. If you work around the clock, that could take you a year to only reach 2,000 of those potential candidates.

Just prospecting alone uses up a lot of your valuable time. Heck, you might even need to outsource this task alone which can affect your finances, and don’t forget you may even have to spend time training.

Let’s say you decided to use LinkedIn Automation to reach out to these 10,000 accountants.

You set up your automation to initiate the first contact with these candidates and then after the conversation automate a “thank you” message to thank your candidate for their time. Your automation is now designed to:

  • Send a personalised message or invite to anyone who has “Open to new possibilities” in their profile. This is nothing new, but now you’ve automated it.
  • Message accountants in the area to get to know them
  • For anyone who accepts the invite, an automatic thank you message starts the conversation.

Using automation can make reaching out to your target audience manageable.

Looking at the numbers, if you send 100 invites a week every week for a year, you’ll manage to reach 5,200 of those potential candidates versus the 2,000 you would be able to reach without automation. If you bring on a second recruiter or automation system, you can double your potential growth in a year and spend your valuable time actually getting to know the accountants finding a perfect match.

Now how is that for time management and value?

Hey, this sounds pretty promising! But what if I like to customise and send personalised messages?

Using LinkedIn automation allows you to customise your message to each individual candidate. You can train your bot to pull information from their LinkedIn profile to insert it into a template message such as:

  • Candidates name
  • Company name
  • Tenure at Company
  • Job Title
  • Target City
  • Shared Connections

Your template message would look something like this:

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I noticed you have been with [Company_Name] for [Tenure_at_Company]. Did you know, top studies have shown that people who look for jobs every 3 years tend to advance more rapidly and maximise their potential earnings? Our team is specialises in finding accounting roles in [Target_City].

Are you interested in discussing the benefits of changing companies?

Best regards,


This LinkedIn message automation can be explicitly targeted to a list of accountants who have been 2.5 – 3.5 years in their role. This is a great opening message and is actually relevant to your potential candidate.

In Final Words

LinkedIn Automation is an excellent addition to any recruiting firm that finds its candidates or clients on LinkedIn.

You’re sure to find a great reason for you and your team to benefit from enabling automation. Choose a comfortable level of automation for you without feeling like you are becoming a spam recruitment company.

You can free up you or your team’s time to build rapport with candidates and find the best match for each job position.


You can visit our partner’s website:, to receive your free whitepaper on how to create your first campaign using LinkedIn Automation. You’ll find a helpful description of what LinkedIn automation tools work best for each situation.