A servant leader with a diverse background in recruiting and operations across numerous industries, Paul enjoys working in environments that encourage and bring about innovation and change.

Completing his Bachelors in Science from the University of Phoenix, he has had influential mentors throughout his career who had challenged and taught him how to operate effectively outside of one’s comfort zone.

It can be concluded that the foundation of his leadership was built by the US Marine Corps and fine-tuned through more than 19 years of experience in the corporate world.

Owned by Paul Diaz, the primary mission of Hire Power Consulting is to help companies optimize recruiting operations by simplifying recruiting processes.

Hiring quality talent in a highly competitive industry is difficult enough. Complicating it with an inefficient process will not only restrict a team’s ability to achieve its full potential but also have roadblocks in pointing out its weaknesses.

At Hire Power Consulting, they provide independent assessments that recruiters need in today’s age.

No matter the industry, recruiters are the gateway through which a company’s talent must pass.

They act as an official screening system. It only makes sense to ensure that the recruiting team is operating at their best with an optimized process, the right training, and the best tools available to help a company achieve its potential business goals.

Tune in to our very first episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs and hear everything about Diaz’s choices in life and his company!

Recruitment Entrepreneurs – Episode 01 – Ft. Paul Diaz

Testimonial From Paul Diaz

Recruit CRM is the easiest and most customisable ATS/CRM I have ever used. I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years and have used more systems than I can remember. On top of an incredible software platform, their customer service is hands down THE BEST!”

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