Lou Adler, CEO and Founder of The Adler Group, talked about his entrepreneurial journey on our 10th episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series. Lou runs a consulting and training firm helping companies implement the “Win-Win Hiring” programs using his Performance-based Hiring System for finding and hiring exceptional talent. His career in recruiting spans over a period of more than 30 years and almost 40k recruiters and hiring managers have attended his ground-breaking workshops from all over the globe.

Adler is also the author of Amazon’s top 10 bestsellers, Hire With Your Head and The Essential Guide For Hiring & Getting Hired. We were thrilled to learn that after completing his BS in Engineering from Clarkson University and MBA from UCLA and before starting on his recruitment journey, Lou held senior operations and financial management positions at the Allen Group and at Rockwell International’s automotive and consumer electronics groups.

Recruiters can even tune into Adler’s own podcast show named, Almost Daily Recruiting Show where he focuses on addressing the challenges involved in diversity hiring with his all-star list of guests such as— Josh Bersin (CEO of Josh Bersin Academy), Kevin Parker (CEO of HireVue) and so on.

Tune into our tenth episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series to hear Lou Adler’s inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 10- Ft. Lou Adler

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