Ruella Crouch, Founder of Ruella James, London-based recruitment to recruitment firm operating throughout the UK and in partnership with another agency in New York, has been in the hiring game for more than 35 years. Born in Brighton and starting her recruitment journey at the tender age of 19, Ruella loves making a difference in people’s lives and in her client’s businesses.

With an enviable candidate and client network and a strong passion for delivering excellent business solutions, Ruella stands out from her competitors. Numerous testimonials from candidates and clients re-enforce their award-winning service, saves time, adding value at every stage of the process to both parties.

Her company is also passionate about limiting the impact which their business operations have on the environment. In an effort to limit their carbon footprint, not only have they been working remotely for the past 15 years but have also started a new tree-planting initiative called The Ruella James Grove.

Tune into the 15th episode of our series and hear everything about Ruella Crouch’s journey in recruitment— from entering the recruitment business by chance, compensating employees fairly and working remotely for more than a decade!

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 15- Ft. Ruella Crouch

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