Hailing from North Carolina, Michael Orlowski is the founding member of Talent Champions Council which is a leading private membership community for innovative talent strategy and is for anyone who believes people are a company’s greatest asset. Apart from that, he is also the Director (RPI Division) of Lean Solutions Group, which is a company specialised in providing process insourcing services to people in the United States and Canada. Their service allows its customers to maintain high-level employee KPI management with leading-edge technology. While following an approach that is simple and direct, via which they provide educate, motivate and continue doing reliable bilingual recruiting, sourcing and providing back-office employees, Lean Solutions Group has been able to make a mark on its own.

They specialize in delivering not just the right talent but also keeps in mind the dire need for the right price and the right culture living in 2021. Michael specifically helps in reducing HR, staffing and recruiting-related costs and increase profits.

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While folks at Recruit CRM have been in search of a wide variety of recruitment entrepreneurs, our CEO, and host of the podcast, Sean Mallapurkar was more than thrilled to host him for our sixth episode.

Tune into our sixth episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear everything about Michael’s recruitment journey!

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 6- Ft. Michael Orlowski

Recruit CRM is also live on Spotify! Listen to our 6th episode below.

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