After back-to-back epic episodes of our Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series, we’re happy to announce that we’re now available on Google Podcasts & Stitcher! A major part of life at Recruit CRM involves creating meaningful content for recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and entrepreneurs worldwide, and we’re happy to announce that we’re extending our podcast network over 20+ platforms in a couple of weeks.

Last week we hosted Your Talent Agency‘s Founder & CEO, Sacha Martina for our 11th episode. Sacha, who is based in the Netherlands is also a diversity, equality and inclusion ambassador and a public speaker. As a woman of colour, she has had her fair share of prejudices and thereby promotes awareness towards issues of multiculturalism, equality, and social justice. Apart from motivation, inspiring and helping several candidates find their dream job, she is from the no-sugar-coating and equality club. A lover of French cheese and chocolate, a proud mother of two young girls, she is adamant about showing them that they can be successful, kick-ass entrepreneurs too.

As a fast-growing hub, Martina’s Your Talent Agency connects tech organisations with those rare professionals who are hard to find. Moreover, they offer these candidates a seamless experience from job search, relocation to even onboarding for a cool portfolio of clients. With a very personal and involved method overall, they also have a people-first approach.

Tune in to our 11th episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Sacha talk all about her entrepreneurial journey.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 11- Ft. Sacha Martina

We are live on Spotify with our 11th episode. You can now listen to it below.

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