The effect of Covid-19 shall for sure last for years. Although everybody has called it as the new normal, the recruitment companies needs to pace up its market after the end of the pandemic.

Social distancing, working from home, self-isolation are the new trends but it’s not long when all of these are going to serve as new norms.

The recruitment trends are surely changing after COVID-19 and thereby if you’re a recruiter you need to search for new strategies to implement.

Whatever you do today has a great impact on how and where you will be in the future. So, to buckle up you need plans, strategies and most importantly the will to implement.

5 Skills Required By a Recruiter in Post COVID-19 World

In our day to day life, development is important. Developing skills helps us to find new ways to deal with problems. For now, most of the organisations have shifted to the virtual world but eventually, we will go back to our normal lives some day or the other.

Here are some of the skills required by a recruiter for the post-COVID-19 market.

1. Flexibility

Even before the pandemic, the recruitment scenario was changing very rapidly. But now a recruiter must indeed be flexible owing to the conditions that is going to prevail.

The more you accumulate to change, the more it’s easy for you to adjust in the new environment. Recruiters always look for a candidate who can gel up in the cultural change. Always remember that flexibility leads to more productivity.

In the post-COVID-19 situation, a team that has worked from home needs to catch up on the race. Although you need to resist the slow business as there will be much more uncertainty in the future, it is important for everyone to realise that they should simply keep moving forward.

2. Creativity

Creativity is the move of turning imagination into reality. It happens when we go out of the box and do the unexpected. When times are stressful, it becomes quite difficult for our brains to be creative. Creativity is the first choice for recruiters always.

Thinking beyond always help in experimenting with content and gives you the best results at the end. It is rather an important part of all businesses.

Creating a space of creativity is very important for moving forward. It helps the recruiter feel motivated. In turn, staying motivated helps to come up with new ideas. Business is all about perpetually involving and adapting to survive. A creative recruiter will always push the team to move forward, so its good for businesses to boost this skill within.

3. Negotiation Skills

This significant skill is often considered under soft skills but definitely is an important one. It includes communication, planning, strategising and cooperating. The use of the power of silence is very important in negotiation. You can therefore offer something extra to attract your client.

In the job market, people always look for a way to push down the rates. So before you sell your agency’s service make sure that your negotiation skills are up to the mark. As a recruiter you should know how to be confident enough with your agency’s services.

4. Digital Literacy

Posting stuffs related to your work online has now become the new normal. This simply means that technology and digital literacy have become important for recruitment teams. You cannot find literally anyone in the market without it.

Working from a remote area, recruiters should know how to utilise the right technology to excel in the market. If any of your recruiters are still struggling with Zoom, then they probably also do not know how to use their recruitment CRM. If this is the case, it will let them lose their market post COVID-19.

5. Personal Branding

The post-COVID-19 market is going to be super competitive. So a recruiter needs to know and stand out from the crowd. For this personal branding is very important.

It simply depends on how productive and professional one’s profile is. Here are some of the basic pillars of personal branding—

1. Your Social Media Profile

Use always the same name and logo as it shows your consistency in the market. To expand your business make your profile reach every social media – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. Do check before putting anything online.

2. Your Ratings And Reviews

The first thought clients and candidates will have before even considering you are your ratings and reviews. To maintain your image, make sure you respond to every review. Be very professional while responding.

3. Your Network

In the recruiting industry, the game is won on the basis of large referrals. Take an energetic step to build an online network. Get all the existing clients and candidates to follow and like you. Also, ask them to mention you wherever possible. Meet new people and make sure to keep your networking game strong.

4. Inspiration

It might seem unrealistic but the market has a high value of inspirational quotes and content. People need people to motivate and feel uplifted by such kind of content. You should have a positive impact on your audience. This is helpful not only to win clients and candidates but also to people who will relate to your content. It will in turn help you expand your network.

5. Integrity

Be crystal clear and honest to your employees as in the long run it will help you build your personal branding. Integrity leads to positivity over social media and acts as a catalyst for the growth of your company. It will definitely produce a reward in the long run.

Start Preparing Strategies Today for Better Outcomes Tomorrow

If you want to pace up your business after the pandemic, strategies are really important. It is time to prepare for the post-COVID-19 market. Consider these questions before making up any plan:

  1. How should your company look like post-COVID-19? Having a clear idea of the future helps you work accordingly.
  2. Are you okay with your employees working from home? If yes, then you need to think of new pol
    icies towards it.
  • Take A Step Back And Look Into Your Existing Recruitment Strategies

It is a great time to re-evaluate your current strategy. Look into it and remove things that aren’t going to be part of the plan anymore. Review your workspace and workforce. Go through what all skills your team has and what all is required. Use technology to speed up your work. Come up with various solutions to improve your candidate experience. Revise policies to make space for remote teams.

  • Do Not Stop, Keep Moving Forward!

Even in this uncertain period of time, we should not stop. Moving forward is the only way out. Recruiting and recruitment might have moved down from the priority list but everything will be back to normal soon. So, you should be prepared for it.

  • Stay Connected With Your Target Audience

Keep your communication channel open through various social media handles. Be transparent and honest with your audience. Use emails and other social media platforms to stay connected with your targeted audience. Keep them up to date about the company’s status.

  • Modify Your Recruitment Technology

While taking interviews or having a meeting with any clients make sure to use good professional tools like Zoom, Google Meet and so on. Use an effective applicant tracking system to handle everything with ease and in one go.

  • Shaping Social Media Recruiting

As recruiting has reached another milestone, you can probably find the best candidates over social media. With so many social apps being built, it has grabbed every recruiters’ attention. A recruiter should definitely approach users on Twitter, Facebook and so on. In 2020-21 we can expect more hashtags, videos related to recruiting and recruitment globally.

  • Preparing Re-Opening Technology Strategy Before The Crisis Ends

Where the pandemic has impacted the way of working, the virus has also babbled the need for technology to support the remote workforce environment. Technology has opened up a new way of the world which create personalized experienced for the recruiter as well as candidates. The industries should also speed up their recruitment process with specific tools like technical interviews-as-a-service.

Even during this crucial time, a company should stay connected to their previous candidates. It doesn’t matter whether you are expanding your workforce or not but it helps the company prepare a channel for future connections.