Arjun Lall, the Co-Founder of Rocket considers himself not a conventional recruitment entrepreneur since he doesn’t have a full-blown recruitment background but has taken his AI-enhanced recruitment agency to a whole new level with his sharp entrepreneurial mindset.

Starting from providing the right talent to startups to established companies, it’s been 4 years already that Rocket has found success.

Born and brought up in San Diego, Arjun talks about his school days where he hated doing laps. While the other kids hit the beach after school, he was glued to his computer, learning or building something.

Always wanting to be either a tech entrepreneur or a game developer, Arjun realised in fact what he does best apart from being involved with gaming companies is building companies from scratch!

After acquiring funding from investors, Arjun along with his other co-founders began Rocket. Being remarkably transparent in our podcast, he states numbers for aspiring recruitment entrepreneurs.

Rocket started on a contingency basis but now are getting paid upfront by clients. They charge 25% of the base salary for non-executive roles and a $5000 deposit upfront per role.

Listen to this fun and informative episode on building a recruitment business and hear Arjun talk about numbers, challenges and all about raising money to start a business.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 23- Ft. Arjun Lall

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