Based in Cape Town, Lindy Sollinger has always wanted to be a psychologist since her university days. However, a chance job in temp recruiting led her to where she is today.

Her firm, DataFin Recruitment bridges the gap between the tech requirements of business and the needs of digital and IT specialists. After her brief stint in London, she came back to Cape Town and worked in Financial Services Recruitment. Her feisty entrepreneurial spirit led her to the ultimate realisation that she could do this all on her own.

After building a network of IT people and using her savings, she built her own little recruitment firm from her apartment in Seapoint. From junior tech support all the way up to CTOs, her firm does its best in placing the right candidates for their clients. They offer a personalised and flexible recruitment service, specialising in providing both client and candidate with the perfect fit.

From talking about the values she helps inculcate in her company to a few interesting commission structures for recruiters, she bares it all for our listeners.

Tune in to the 22nd episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs and hear out everything about Lindy’s choices in life and her recruitment agency!

Recruitment Entrepreneurs-Episode 22- Ft. Lindy Sollinger

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