Phoebe Stowe-Forbes, award-winning Recruitment Specialist and Founder of Dot Recruit has built an extensive network in the last 9 years of experience in the market. Partnering extensively with numerous Lancashire businesses, her business supports them with the attracting, recruitment and retention of Accounts and Finance professionals.

Born and brought up in Lancashire, Phoebe never really planned her career in recruitment. Her first full-time sales job made her appreciate how great she was at it. Her sales figure was double compared to that of her colleagues and on finding the real reason behind this success, she realised that she loved chatting with people. Upon wanting to cultivate this passion, she deduced that she wanted to stick to becoming a recruitment consultant.

With a reputation for delivering high levels of service, Dot Recruit believes that it’s extremely important to do right by the people.

Listen to our 19th episode where Phoebe bares her recruitment entrepreneurial soul into telling us how she quit her job to start her own business and her plans of making a million dollars in revenue.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs-Episode 19-Ft. Phoebe Stowe-Forbes

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