A key aspect of talent acquisition is identifying standout qualities in candidates. 

Here are some handpicked insights from seasoned recruiters who share their unique perspectives on the top candidate qualities to look for.   

Use these insights as a roadmap for identifying potential candidates who can truly make a difference. 

1. A good CV

A CV is more than just a list of previous roles and responsibilities. 

It’s an opportunity for candidates to showcase their achievements and demonstrate their pride in their work. 

As Faye Spruce(Recruitment Manager) puts it, “Someone who is proud of what they’ve done is keen to tell you their achievements on paper.” 

This pride in their work can indicate a high level of commitment and dedication, traits that are highly valued in any role.

Top qualities in candidates

2. Communication skills

Effective communication is a key quality recruiters look for. 

Candidates who respond promptly, engage in meaningful conversations, and can articulate their career goals effectively are more likely to stand out. 

As quoted by Aaron Gonsalves(Global Head of Talent Acquisition), “If they can articulate those points effectively and clearly, then yeah, 100%, I want to talk to you.” 

This ability to communicate effectively can indicate a candidate’s ability to work well within a team and manage relationships with clients and stakeholders.

3. Enthusiasm for the job

A candidate’s energy and enthusiasm for the job can be a significant indicator of their potential success in the role. 

Candidates who display a high level of energy during the interview process often bring that same vigor to their work, driving productivity and fostering a positive work environment. 

Desiree Goldey (Talent Operations Leader) emphasizes the need for candidates to show enthusiasm during the interview process, stating, “I really need to see the energy for the job.” 

This energy can be a strong indicator of a candidate’s passion and commitment to their role.

4. Career progression

Career progression is a significant factor that recruiters consider when evaluating a candidate. 

It provides insights into a candidate’s ambition, drive, and commitment to their professional growth. Candidates who have shown consistent progression in their careers demonstrate their ability to take on new challenges, learn new skills, and adapt to changing roles and responsibilities. 

As Thomas Jennings (Executive Recruiter) explains, “It tells me that other organizations trusted them to advance them.” 

This trust from previous employers can be a strong indicator of a candidate’s potential for future growth.

5. Desire to learn and grow

A strong desire for continuous learning and growth is a valuable quality in a candidate. 

Gina Morrison (Talent Acquisition Leader) believes in the importance of this trait, saying, “You’re always going to be learning and growing; you’re never going to be fully arrived.” 

This ongoing desire for growth can indicate a candidate’s adaptability and potential to evolve with the role and the organization.

Identifying the right candidate goes beyond their qualifications on paper. It is not just about the right skills but also about the right attitude and the potential for growth.

These insights are merely the beginning of the wealth of knowledge shared by our seasoned recruiters. 

To truly delve into the depths of their expertise and gain a comprehensive understanding of what makes a candidate stand out, we invite you to watch the full video here.