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What Traits Did Your Worst Hires Ever Have? We Compiled 10 Craziest Reddit Answers to Our Question

The value Reddit has been bringing agency recruiters is immense!

Starting from being the genesis point for industry news to top trends, recruiters often find Reddit to be a source of inspiration.

That being said, this social news and discussion website is also home to some of the funniest subreddits, GIFs, and memes you’ll ever come across in your life.

It has practically turned out to be a portal that acts as a respite on a super hectic day.

Recently, one of our team members went all out and asked recruiters in this subreddit what are some of the traits their worst hires ever had and things got just a wee bit crazy!

1. Short Temper

2. Too Careless

3. Meth Addiction

4. Poor Attention to Detail

5. Pretending Dead

6. Addicted to Playing Games

7. Taking Breaks That Never End

8. Envy

9. Unhygienic

10. Being Difficult and a Total Disgrace

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If you have such crazy recruitment stories, don’t forget to add them to this thread. We’ll feature the best!



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