Cracking work jokes have become an age-old tradition. We all love to make fun of the work we do, how our colleagues operate and how the office handles its employees. HR and the recruitment industry are more prone to such jokes & memes since they have to constantly deal with a company’s changing policies & also frequently need to make new hiring decisions.

However, the good news is that recruiters have pretty thick skin, and most of them just laugh it off. Recruit CRM’s in-house experts have thereby created 10 such recruiter memes to take away that steaming pressure off your shoulders this weekend!

Our Favourite ROFL Recruiter Memes Of 2021

1. When You Almost Thought That Candidate-Recruiter Relationship Is Real

recruiter memes

2. The Silent Client Protector

best rofl memes

3. The Ghost Candidates

recruiter memes

4. What An Idea!

best recruiter memes

5. Sleepless Nights

best recruiter memes

6. Talk About Collecting Pennies

top recruiter memes

7. No Guarantees, Come On!

recruitment memes

8. Tabs…

recruiter memes 2021

9. It’s All About Social Research Nowadays

recruiter memes best

10. (Fake Smiles, Fake Smiles)!

best recruitment memes

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