In the beginning, every brand or company is in that specific dropout stage where they’ve extraordinary plans, very little time, and a small team of enthusiastic individuals who want to give it their all. This was exactly how Recruit CRM looked in the beginning 3 years back.

While we were working on creating one of the most loved software for recruitment firms in the market, it didn’t take long to understand the power of profound storytelling.

Gradually, we worked towards creating an official blog, distributing content and marketing assets throughout our social media, and guess what?

Our digital footprint has gone so vast that it has forced us to create a much better version of our software that recruiters already loved across the globe.

Today, Recruit CRM has customers in more than 75 countries in every continent across the world, and we don’t even remotely recognise the value we have generated for most of these staffing agencies.

So, this should be the beginning of recognising the efforts of every single hardworking individual in our company who has pulled all-nighters to attend calls from the other side of the country and all those recruiters and executive search firms who have believed in our world-class product.

10 Ways by Which Recruit CRM Has Revolutionised the Way Recruiters Hire

Here, we’ve mentioned a few ways by which we have been creating a positive impact and changing the recruiting world with our cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System & CRM Software.

1. From Sourcing to Managing Candidates, Everything at One Place

Attracting top applicants is always a major requirement for every company and being a recruiter, in order to make your mark, you have to give your best shot and hire top employees.

A problem arises when you look into the fact that more than three in four candidates apply for a job even if they aren’t qualified for it. The quantity of unqualified candidates for a certain open position is thereby huge. The best candidates don’t just come to you, rather you’ll have to carry out some effective sourcing.

Recruit CRM has made candidate sourcing easier than ever. With the Recruit CRM Sourcing Extension, you can not just source candidates but also build a solid candidate pipeline.

All you’ve got to do is download our chrome extension and run it. Within a matter of a few seconds, it’ll pick up information from your candidate’s profile and into your system.

You can also check whether the candidate has already been added to your system or if you have prospective candidates in your recruitment database from the same company he/she is working in.

2. Our Advanced Reports Are As Accurate As It Can Get

Data has already been a close friend to those who want to stay relevant, forward-thinking, believe in everything measurable, and of course for better competition.

Recruitment agencies are no exception when it comes to working with data. To measure internal processes with pinpoint accuracy, you need advanced reports. In spite of a vast talent pool out there, 72.8% of companies reportedly face difficulties while hiring.

To help overcome this, Recruit CRM has come up with advanced dashboards, team KPI and candidate lifecycle reports where you can visualize the entire hiring pipeline, manage your business operations, job status, and all deals in one single place.

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3. Powerful Advanced Search Options

Advanced Search is highly useful when it comes to conducting more complex searches in comparison to a standard search. With Recruit CRM, you can gain meaningful insights faster than usual.

You can write boolean strings quicker as the software adds quotes and brackets automatically to your query in the background, and radius searches (powered by Google Maps) helps you search for clients, candidates, and jobs all within a specific distance of any location.

Recruit CRM boasts of a combination of boolean and radius searches, thus helping you get exact search query results. Another interesting feature is that of saved search where recruiters can save their repetitive search query and use it any time they want in the future.

4. Recruit CRM is 100% Customizable

The entire Applicant

Tracking System (ATS) & CRM software can be customized as per a recruiter’s needs.

With the option of custom fields, hiring stages, forms, and so on, headhunters can literally make the software a piece of their own brand. However, the core application remains the same for everyone, and layout, colors, and labels cannot be customized.

If you want to post jobs on various other job boards, this can be easily achieved with either our API or by using an XML feed which will let those job boards scrape jobs directly from your Recruit CRM account.

You can also use our premium job board posting feature to post jobs on different job boards across the globe.

5. Affordable Pricing System

The most crucial area where Recruit CRM wins the battle is here— in its pricing. While most of its competition’s price range varies from around $70-200, Recruit CRM has a PPR model which roughly translates to Pay Per Recruiter.

You’re charged based on how many recruiting professionals are using the ATS & CRM software or how many individuals at a time would need access to the same. Depending on the functionalities and features, we currently serve both free and paid models.

Recruit CRM has a completely simple and transparent pricing system where you can save up to 20% annually.

Our team plan is ideal for recruitment firms that are just starting out and has features such as— deals pipeline, 50,000 companies (per user), 10,000 candidates (per user), job board posting, unlimited bulk emailing, Chrome source extension, Zapier integrations, etc.

The free plan is similar to the team plan but the only difference is that a recruiter can add 50 candidates, 2 jobs, and 50 contacts and companies.

Team Plan: $85 per user per month; $69 per user if billed annually

Business Plan: $119 per user per month; $99 per user if billed annually

Enterprise Plan: $125 per user per month or annually

6. Unique Resources & Guides for Recruiters

As a SaaS brand, we firmly believe in the power of content. That is the sole reason why we have put up an official blog, glossary, and several other resources for recruitment agencies all over the world available any time they want.

In January 2021, we published our first E-book on creating a remote recruitment agency and held webinars across countries helping recruitment entrepreneurs figure out how to go fully remote pandemic or no pandemic!

With ready-to-send email templates, guides, how-tos, and job description templates we are in a continuous process of development with regards to the content. At Recruit CRM, we understand what it takes to build trust and help our prospective customers develop a positive opinion about our brand. Head over to our LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram page to check some really cool and engaging content.

7. Useful Integrations & Bulk Emailing

Apart from connecting your favorite email provider with Recruit CRM, you can also customize the entire recruitment software as per your business needs. With Zapier you can connect more than 2500 apps to perform lightweight automated tasks.

This by far is the most loved by all our customers. Recruiters can also bulk email clients and candidates in case of reminders, schedules, latest job updates and so on.

Syncing your email, tracking its open rate, automated email triggers whenever certain actions are performed, organizing your email box, etc. are all features that come in-built with our software.

8. We Are EEO Compatible

There’s a requirement for a baseline in every company based on which employees and employers can determine how to treat the other person. Just as much as this is a hiring manager’s responsibility, it also comes down to a recruiter and the recruitment software they’re using to make sure there’s dignity and a proper culture in the workplace.

Any form of discriminatory behavior is unacceptable and should be dealt with right at the root level. The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has set up a set of best practices for recruiters and HR professionals to follow.

Recruit CRM is EEO Compatible which means— we bar recruiters from making discriminatory choices and help them treat all people equally when it comes to hiring, promotions, compensation, layoffs, etc.

9. Your Data is 200% Secure with Us

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is a legal framework that requires companies to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens from any form of transactions that happen within the European Union.

This regulation applies to all websites regardless of whether you’re selling your service in the EU. This is generally done to attract European visitors and ensure them that their data is safe.

According to the European Union’s GDPR website, the legislation is designed to harmonise data privacy laws across Europe, providing a more comprehensive protection and rights to individuals.

Recruit CRM is in full compliance with EU’s GDPR policies and provides assurance of data safety to all customers across the globe.

10. Exceptional Customer Support & Live Chats

One thing which our customers love the most about us and neither are we held back from boasting about it is the relentless customer support that we provide to our users.

Starting from day 1 of signing up for a free demo to finally coming on board with either one of our plans, our folks at Recruit CRM make sure we help our users in every way possible or for any query, be it small or big.

Our customer success team does not provide any pre-recorded videos to our users. There’s nothing more valuable than providing real-time feedback and we make sure that our team conducts as many live webinars as possible to meet user queries.

To quote Paul Diaz, Founder of
Hire Power Consulting, “Recruit CRM is the easiest and most customizable ATS/CRM software I have ever used. I’ve worked in the recruitment industry for 20 years and have used more systems than I can remember. On top of an incredible software platform, their customer service is hands down THE BEST!”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Software Do Recruiters Use?

Recruiters use recruitment software that comes in-built with an Applicant Tracking System and Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) Software.

There are innumerable executive search software out there in the market but recruiters need to be very choosy when they finalize a particular product. These are the top 3 things you should look out for:

  • Is your software compatible with the current ATS and CRM you’re using or do you need to invest in a new one altogether?
  • If you’re investing in a recruitment software for the first time, ensure you’re choosing a product only after signing up for a free trial or demo.
  • Answer the following: Does this recruitment software align with your business needs and goals? If yes, you’re good to go ahead!

2. What is the Best Recruitment Agency Software?

Recruiters are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the right recruitment software. Therefore, we have created a guide on how you can choose an ATS or CRM software for your agency. Also, on that note, with recruitment management software like— JobAdder, Lever, Crelate, Bullhorn, etc., Recruit CRM stands apart because it’s less bulky, has a great user interface, and is affordable.

There’s no point in using a software that was made by software engineers some 20 years ago when you can use one that is created now, with new features being added every single day.

From supporting diversity hiring and taking every stance possible on ending gender discrimination in the workplace, multi-language and currency support, we’ve come a long way in being the highest-rated executive search software on Capterra. Do drop us comments below if you want to try out our software for free! We’ll be more than happy to serve you.