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We are an expanding company and have multiple roles open for a skilled CNA. They should have phenomenal interaction skills since it’s their job to bring all patient matters and issues to their supervisor. Be hard-working and professional.

CNA responsibilities:

  • Assisting daily living by serving meals, feeding patients as necessary, and ambulating, turning, and positioning patients.
  • Planning and reviewing their dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences.
  • Turn-off and reposition bedridden patients.
  • Gaining information from physicians, caregivers and nurses.
  • Follow duties with all safety and health regulations.
  • Make and maintain clean beds and safe environments for patients.
  • Keep documents up to date by completing forms, reports, logs, and records.
  • Recording and keeping track of vital signs such as blood pressure, pulse and temperature.
  • Stay up to date on CNA training, policy and procedure.

CNA requirements and skills:

  • Basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology.
  • State Certified Nursing Assistant Certification or diploma required.
  • Effective oral, written, and reading communication skills.
  • High patience for working under pressure and handling critical situations with a cool head.
  • Comfortable using a computer.
  • Excellent organizational skills and ability to prioritize assignments.
  • Must be in good physical health to lift and move patients.

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