Executive Search

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An executive search is carried out to find candidates who are suitable for senior executive roles. If you want to start your own executive search firm all you need is quality relationships with people already serving in executive roles.

Executive search is very different from regular recruitment because a large amount of money and time goes into recruiting for these roles. A recruiter who is doing an executive search is expected to pre-assess & screen candidates. This is done to ensure that only high-quality candidates ever go to the client.

Since very few senior executives have her resumes on job boards, it is the recruiters responsibility to build a strong network over time.
The crucial part of executive search is that the best candidates are already employed. Hence, it is upto the recruiter to reach the right executive with the right offer at the right time.

On average, the executive recruitment deal sizes range from 30-40% of the annual salary of the role that is to be filled. Most Executive Search work on a retained search

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