Recruit CRM solved 10 common recruiter questions for you


There’s no doubt about the fact that recruiters face a lot of problems on a daily basis. At times, it’s easier to get past them but most of the time it needs proper attention. The Recruit CRM team had been approached by a lot of headhunters via LinkedIn & Clubhouse with some common recruiting questions … Read more

Remote Hiring: Here Are Some of the Best Tips for Recruiters


The world of the job remains to change throughout the COVID-19 situation, which includes employment. With many workplaces closed and people functioning from another location, companies have to alter their approach to guarantee successful new hires. As every recruiter is currently transitioning to remote hiring via the internet labour force, you may have discovered that … Read more

4 Important Aspects To Consider While Remote Recruiting


If you are a recruiting firm, your day-to-day working system would include managing your candidate pool, parsing resumes with the usage of a high-quality Applicant Tracking System, scheduling interviews with candidates and so on. This definitely has gone upside down because of the ongoing pandemic. Almost overnight everyone has moved from working from offices to … Read more