Agency and internal recruitment are poles apart.

Just like there’s a dilemma while making a career choice between these two, understanding (in depth) the kind of software to use while hiring also becomes a major roadblock.

Though there are a lot of similarities in some of the daily activities that both internal and agency recruiters do, the differences just doesn’t allow these sourcers to use a similar recruitment software.

Let’s help you understand it better.

With both agency and internal recruiters being excellent sourcers, you’ll need to look into a tool that helps you do candidate sourcing seamlessly. At the end of the day, both of these recruiters should have a talent pool that can help them fill vacancies faster.

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Apart from looking into features like— candidate sourcing, bulk emailing and an Applicant Tracking System, if you’re an agency recruiter, you’ll need to look into a software that’ll also help you manage both candidate and client relationships well.

3 Main Differences between Internal & Agency Recruitment Software

1. Client Coverage

Agency recruiters work for staffing agencies that take up multiple clients at once. Whereas, internal recruiters meet the recruiting demands for a single company and end up hiring permanent staff most of the time.

In this case, internal recruiters can stick to using software that is specifically made to serve this purpose such as— Lever or Greenhouse. They mostly participate in the entire recruitment life-cycle right from sourcing, onboarding to training the fresh employees.

For agency recruiters, just an Applicant Tracking System wouldn’t suffice. They would need a CRM too that’ll help them build and maintain relationships with multiple clients and candidates.

2. Billing & Subscription

For internal recruitment software, the pricing models are slightly different. They are often not based on the number of users. Instead, you are billed on the number of jobs you have to fill.

Software made for recruitment agencies are usually priced on a user-based model. They are rarely based on the number of job orders you have.

3. Features

For agency recruiters, managing pipelines, deals, candidate relationships, collaborating with their hiring managers and the ability to close positions faster are of utmost importance. If they end up signing up for an internal recruitment software, most of the features wouldn’t make sense and vice versa.

You’ll end up paying for features that you don’t even need.

Therefore, it’s important to choose your recruitment software wisely. Both internal and agency recruiters must look into the following—

  • Prompt customer support
  • Must-have and good-to-have features
  • Seamless integrations
  • Very little to no software downtime

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It’s important to choose a software based on your hiring needs and goals.

In case you want to take a quick look at how Recruit CRM can be a part of your recruitment journey, feel free to hit this link and one of our executives will show you around!