Ever heard hiring is more about selling than just matching the ideal candidate with the right role?

Well, that’s what we’re diving into in our latest episode of Recruitment Unplugged with Jason Chad, where he explains the power of consultative sales approach in recruiting.

In this chat, he also covers— 

  • How to use AI to make recruiting easier.
  • His own hacks for leading and winning in the recruiting game.
  • Smart tips to keep your work-life balance.

Knowing Jason Chad

Jason Chad’s journey is a standout story. 

With 22 years in the recruitment industry, he first kicked off his career as a sales executive at IBM, dedicating four years to the role. 

Although he was great at his job and loved the role, he realized it wasn’t the right fit for him.

Jason wanted to do something more entrepreneurial and ultimately realized that recruiting was his calling. 

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4 simple ways to adopt a consultative sales approach in recruiting

consultative sales approach in recruiting by Jason Chad

The consultative sales approach is a method that prioritizes the needs, challenges, and goals of the client or candidate above all else.

Here’s a breakdown of how you can adopt this technique to get clients on board:

1. Understand before selling

First and foremost, this sales technique is grounded in understanding. 

You have to go deep into what the candidate or client truly needs. 

This might mean uncovering your applicants’ career aspirations, desired company culture, or specific job requirements. 

For your clients, you must grasp the nuances of the role they need to fill, the kind of personality that would fit their team or the skills that are truly critical for success in the position. 

One quick way to truly understand the other party is active listening.

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2. Build solid networks 

The network that I made during my IBM days, they’re unbelievable, and I still use that network to this day!”

This sales approach is heavily reliant on building strong, trust-based relationships. 

Successful recruiters, much like adept salespeople, are those who can build rapport and trust with both job seekers and clients. 

Their trust is what allows you to act as a consultant, offering advice and solutions that are genuinely in the best interest of both parties. 

Remember: It’s not about making a quick sale (or placement) but about ensuring a lasting, mutually beneficial match.

3. Advice, don’t push

A key element of the consultative sales approach is the shift from pushing a job to actually advising on the best course of action. 

Jason likely employs this strategy by guiding candidates on their career moves and helping companies strategize their hiring to meet long-term objectives. 

This might mean offering suggestions to an applicant against taking a particular job if it doesn’t align with their career path or suggesting a client consider a candidate they hadn’t initially thought of but who could bring immense value.

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4. Master negotiation

Lastly, the negotiation phase is where things get real. 

You’ve to advocate for both sides to reach a mutually beneficial agreement. Recruiters must navigate this phase with finesse, ensuring that the candidate feels heard and the company is confident in their investment. 

This requires a deep understanding of what each party values most and the ability to communicate effectively.

To understand recruiting from Jason’s perspective, watch the complete interview: