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Talent acquisition leader Chantelle Jones says recruiters must avoid these 3 hiring pitfalls

“Not aligning your recruitment strategy with commercial objectives can lead to a culture clash, hindering performance and negatively impacting your bottom line.”

Chantelle Jones
Talent Strategy Director, Spinks on Site
Chantelle Jones - Hiring pitfalls


Today, I’m sharing the importance of strategic alignment and cultural considerations needed in order to make your talent acquisition department viewed as a well-thought-out function rather than just a cost center. 

Each hiring pitfall highlights a specific aspect where businesses often falter in their pursuit of acquiring and retaining exceptional talent. 

By getting ahead of these pitfalls, you can create a synchronized development plan, foster a culture of growth and performance, and build a strong internal pipeline for your future needs. 

But, if you don’t plan for these pitfalls, every misstep can cost you critical hires, hinder performance, and impact your bottom line. 

So, grab a hot drink, put yourself on Do Not Disturb, and let’s dive in!

3 major recruitment pitfalls you must steer clear of

Pitfall 1: Commercial and recruitment strategy misalignment 

Imagine investing time, resources, and effort into recruitment activities that are disconnected from your organization’s larger goals. 

This disjointed approach can fail to bring in the right talent at the right time to drive your business forward. 

By not aligning your recruitment strategy with your commercial objectives, you risk creating longer lead times to pipeline candidates. The lack of synchronization can result in a culture clash, hindering performance and negatively impacting your bottom line.

Create alignment between commercial objectives and recruitment by having a talent representative join leadership meetings and bid project discussions. 

By bridging the gap between recruitment and key business decisions, you create an in-sync, proactive hiring approach. 

The result? Better quality hires, a performance-driven culture, and a significant impact on profitability. 

Pitfall 2: Neglecting to build a hiring culture

When it comes to building a business that can grow at pace whilst keeping quality, establishing a robust hiring culture from the very outset is non-negotiable. 

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting this crucial aspect. Or starting too late.

Without a strong hiring culture, your organization risks spiraling into a never-ending vortex of increased costs, negative candidate experiences, and the loss of exceptional talent. 

Let’s not go down that treacherous path!

A good place to start is to invest in the development of your hiring managers. They need the skills and confidence to conduct interviews and assess candidates effectively to ensure quality hires and scalable decision-making. 

Pitfall 3: Failing to develop and prioritize internal pipelines

As you navigate the path to expansion, remember this golden rule: it’s not just about buying talent; it’s about nurturing and developing it too. 

While it may be tempting to look externally for the talent you need, constantly doing this can have significant downsides. 

In the pursuit of sustainable growth, consider the future skills your business will require and the kind of leadership it will demand. 

Building a robust internal pipeline will become your competitive advantage. Implement strategies like mentorship programs, training initiatives, multidisciplinary huddles, and career pathways. 

These actions foster loyalty, engagement, and a culture of growth. And when the market takes a downturn, you’ll be well-equipped with a team that can adapt, pivot, and even step up to new responsibilities.

So, fellow talent hunters, take heed! Avoid these three pitfalls in your talent acquisition journey, and watch as your organization thrives. 


Chantelle Jones

With over 13 years of experience, Chantelle is a highly accomplished People & Talent professional who has excelled in various sectors. She has partnered with hundreds of brands and Talent leaders to drive recruitment transformation, develop talent managers and build TA functions.

Currently, Chantelle leads the development of NashSquared’s innovative service line, Spinks on Site. Notable achievements include speaking at some of the biggest TA events, and securing a bronze placement for RPO Team of the Year, and having her work published shared by various online publications.

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