How Cristina Rexach is turning the tables on traditional recruitment methods

“Success in recruitment and in business development comes from fulfilling a need, not pushing for a sale. By reframing your approach and showcasing your value subtly, you can transform your business development strategy and let the right opportunities come to you.”

Cristina Rexach
Director of operations and technology at Digital Recruiter and founder and consultant at Think Lean
Cristina Rexach


Throughout my journey in recruitment, I’ve consistently encountered a widespread faux pas that’s crippling our business development efforts. We seem to be stuck in a cycle of turning every interaction into an urgent sales pitch, chasing instant job fills and hot leads. 

While it’s true that this strategy might bear fruit every now and then, it’s important to note that it doesn’t represent the norm but rather an exception.

So how do you escape this rut of traditional recruitment methods for something more progressive? It’s all about reimagining recruitment and understanding the sales journey. Let me explain. 

The trap of transactional sales & understanding the sales journey

I’ve noticed that success in recruitment and in business development comes from fulfilling a need, not pushing for a sale. 

The most striking parallel I can draw is the experience of shopping at Walmart. Imagine someone approaching you while browsing groceries, pitching to switch your cable service. In all likelihood, you’d politely decline because you simply don’t need it.

In reality, this approach only works when a potential client expresses an imminent need. But I believe recruitment and business development aren’t about chasing these rare instances. It’s more about nurturing relationships, earning trust, and being ready to deliver when the need arises.

This strategy might sound counterintuitive to some, but it underscores a significant misunderstanding about sales and recruitment. 

In an era overloaded with information, long sales pitches often fall flat. I have found that a friendly introduction, coupled with meaningful content sharing, can foster a deeper connection. 

In the end, it’s not about chasing leads anymore but about attracting those who value what you bring to the table!

Humanizing the process through a client-centric approach

There’s something incredible about treating potential clients like fellow human beings rather than prospects. 

This form of inbound lead generation is fascinating and rewarding. Business begins to chase you when you establish a compelling value proposition without assaulting potential clients with sales pitches from the onset.

Breaking the norm by treating clients like human beings, not prospects, fosters unexpected responses. Instead of anticipating a sales pitch, they’re met with a genuine conversation. This change in dynamic can lead to more meaningful interactions unless they have an immediate need. 

In most cases, you’re not likely to meet such immediate buyers, which is why nurturing a relationship with expertise and insights is so essential.

Establishing your presence in a potential client’s life takes more than one touchpoint—it often requires five to seven or more meaningful interactions. These touchpoints could range from sharing valuable content to simply checking in on how they’re doing.

Redefining traditional recruitment methods

I strongly believe that the traditional approach to recruitment and business development is in dire need of a refresh.

The days of hard selling and impersonal transactions are fading. 

In their place, a new strategy is emerging that emphasizes relationship building, trust, and a client-centric approach. By reframing your approach and showcasing your value subtly, you can transform your business development strategy and let the right opportunities come to you.

Happy recruiting! 


Cristina Rexach

Cristina Rexach is a dynamic force in tech, recruiting, and sales. Currently, she serves as the Director of Operations and Technology at Digital Recruiter and Founder and Consultant at Think Lean, bringing her technological prowess and process improvement methodologies to the forefront of the recruitment industry. 

Cristina has a proven track record of creating strategic plans that streamline client development, enhance recruitment effectiveness, and scale businesses.

The Digital Recruiter is a unique 90-day initiative designed to help recruitment professionals adapt and thrive in the modern business landscape. With a focus on tech stack optimization, thoughtful outreach, and compelling content creation, Cristina assists clients in building a robust brand that resonates with their target audience taking their businesses to new heights.

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