From Marketing Expert Tony Restell: Top Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Your Recruitment Business

Whether it’s celebrating the 10-year anniversary of your company or recognizing one of your recruiters for employee of the month, sharing moments of your team really helps others feel like they “know” your business.”

Tony Restell
Founder of Social-Hire
tony restell


Creating an effective social media content strategy for your recruitment business requires major thought and planning.

While posting your latest job vacancies may feel like a good idea, it’s not enough to build and strengthen your agency’s reputation and attract a significant flow of potential candidates.

Instead, you need to share content in ways that showcase your sector expertise and make people warm up to your business.

 From generating fresh ideas to optimizing how you post, I’ve got some major pointers to help you establish your presence in the recruitment market.

1. Try Journaling

When you’re feeling uninspired, coming up with post ideas can be challenging. One way to get around this problem is by journaling. 

Majorly take note of these two things –

  • The challenges your candidates and clients face every day.
  • The questions you find yourself being asked by your stakeholders.

Both are excellent sources of inspiration for social media and help you develop a bank of topics that could easily be turned into exciting content for your audience.

2. Leverage Polls

Social media polls can drive significant engagement and visibility for your company. Not just that, if your poll succeeds in garnering solid impressions, it will also boost the rest of your content (since the algorithm influences the visibility of your subsequent posts based on the performance of your recent ones).

And that’s not all.

Creating poll questions that reveal valuable data and insights for your industry establishes you as a knowledgeable and valuable resource in your market.

For example, polling people on whether their company is recruiting right now can be a helpful barometer of hiring activity in your niche market.

The key is considering questions that offer valuable insights that others would find interesting. See this embedded LinkedIn post for some examples of top-performing polls as a source of inspiration:

3. Start Using Videos

Using video posts in your social media content strategy is a great idea.

It allows you to showcase your personality and style to your audience, which can help them feel more connected to your brand and business.

Social media platforms also prioritize video content for users who frequently engage with and watch videos, so it’s a great way to tap into that audience set.

So not sure where to start? Here are some ideas – 

  • Turn job ads into short videos.
  • Have your team talk to the camera to discuss current market trends or share candidate tips for succeeding in today’s market.
  • Share a video showcasing your client testimonials or serve as a brochure to highlight your services and expertise.
  • A video of employees sharing their experience working with the company provides candidates with an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

4. Consider Regular Text Posts and Tips!

To keep your social media strategy fresh and exciting, mix up your content with various post types, such as tips and text-only tweets.

But remember this golden rule: be helpful and entertaining!

Sharing personalized content is also a great idea. For instance, something amusing that might have had happened in the business last week.

You can also highlight emerging patterns in demand for specific skills, provide advice around interviews and CVs, answer questions they’re asking themselves, etc. 

For the most part, my advice is to focus on sharing informative content – think of yourself as an educator but keep it brief and to the point. For example, if you’re sharing an article on LinkedIn, write a short introduction summarizing the key points or extract a quote or statistic and end it with a thoughtful question. This is a sure-shot way to create buzz.

5. Highlight Your Business Wins and Key Milestones

You want to make your business stand out as THE recruitment agency to work with, don’t you? 

One of the best ways to do this is by leveraging social media to showcase any big wins or milestones in your business. 

If your recruitment agency achieves a significant accomplishment, such as winning an award or making a challenging placement, do share it on social media.

Not only does this create excitement and interest among potential clients and candidates, but it also helps your business become more personable.

Whether it’s celebrating the 10-year anniversary of your company or recognizing one of your recruiters for employee of the month, sharing moments of your team really helps others feel like they “know” your business.

By implementing these ideas into your social media content plans, I am confident you will soon benefit from more engagement and interest from potential clients and candidates in your niche industry. Have any other ideas to add to the above or any questions about what’s been covered? Feel free to message me on LinkedIn to discuss this further.

Happy recruiting!


Tony Restell

Tony is the Founder of Social-Hire, a leading social media marketing agency specializing in serving the recruitment sector. Prior to setting up this business in 2012, Tony built and sold Top-Consultant, a successful job board business that served major corporate and management consultancy clients. He is also a guest speaker at dozens of leading business schools across Europe on how MBA students and alumni can leverage social media to further their careers or launch thriving businesses.

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