Congratulations on your new hire! 

With the perfect candidate ready to join their new employer, it’s time to go forward with your job offer letter. 

But the hiring process doesn’t just end here. Presenting a compelling offer letter is the perfect opportunity to impress your candidate yet again.  

To begin with, ensure that every job offer must be followed by a formal offer letter that usually mentions key job details, including: 

These are just a few of the important details that’ll help you get started in drafting a formal offer letter. Of course, hiring managers can even use these letters to highlight the organizational culture to new employees. 

Ready to use these templates? Just hit the ‘copy’ button and it’s all yours!

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6 Ready-to-Use Job Offer Letter Templates for Recruiters & Hiring Managers

job offer letter template

Template 1 


Dear [Candidate_name],

[Company_name] is delighted to offer you the full-time position of [Job_title] starting from [Start_date], upon a successful round of [background check, drug screening, training details, etc]. 

As the [Job_title], you will be responsible for the following:

  • [Mention job responsibilities].

You will be supervised by [Manager/supervisor name and title], and your working hours will be: [Mention working hours and days]. 

The base salary for this position is [Salary details as per month/year], and you will be paid on a [weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.] basis. 

In addition, to the base salary, you will be eligible to receive [Mention additional compensation if applicable]. 

[Company name] offers an employee benefits program, which includes [Mention additional employee benefits].

You are also entitled to a leave of [Mention leave, sick days, paid time off details].  

You and the company are free to terminate employment at any time, with or without cause or advance notice. This offer letter is not a contract.

Please confirm your acceptance by signing this letter. 

On behalf of [Company_name], 


[Sender’s Full Name]

[Sender’s Job Title]

[Candidate Signature] 

Template 2


Dear [Candidate_name],

Congratulations! [Company_name] is excited to have you on board as our new [Job_title]. 

Your onboarding process will require some formalities, including completing your [background check, drug screening, reference check, etc.], and aim to have you settled into your new role by [Start_date].


You will receive a total of [Compensation package details] and can expect to receive a [weekly/biweekly/monthly] starting on [date of first pay period].


As the [Job_title], you’ll report to [Manager/supervisor name and title] from [Working hours & days]. Your daily responsibilities will include: 

  • [Mention job responsibilities].


As an employee of [Company_name], you will have access to some awesome benefits, including:

  • [Employee benefit details]


Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you are also entitled to a leave of [Number of leave days and details].


This employment offer is not a legally binding contract. As an at-will employee, you and [Company_name] can terminate your employment at anytime.


[Company_name] expects you to devote your full attention to the organization’s affairs. Accordingly, you must abide by the following conditions as an employee of the company:

  • [Mention rules & regulations regarding confidentiality, privacy, etc.]

[Company name] looks forward to having you on board! If you have any questions, reach out to the HR department. 

Best Regards,


[Sender’s Full Name]

[Sender’s Job Title]

Template 3 


Dear [Candidate_name],

 Our hiring team is delighted to offer you a job opportunity with [Company_name] as a [Job_title]. Please find attached the job details for this new position. 

You will be reporting to [Manager_name], your [Manager job title], and your expected joining date is [Date]. 

As a full-time/part-time employee of [Company_name], you will be entitled to the following compensation and benefits:

  • Annual salary package of [Salary/compensation details]
  • Paid vacation leave for: [Number of leave days and types of leave applicable]
  • [Mention any additional employee benefits]

This offer is valid until the [Date]. In case of any queries, please contact human resources.

We look forward to having you on our team and seeing you achieve great things at [Company_name]!

All the best!



[Sender’s Full Name]

[Sender’s Job Title]

[Candidate Signature]

Template 4 


Dear [Candidate_name],

We are pleased to offer you a new position at [Company_name] as a [Job_title]! This appointment is subject to the following terms and conditions:


[Company_name] will consolidate you with a consolidated package of [Monthly/annual salary structure]. Salaries will be distributed on the [Date of first pay period], every [Month/Week/Bi-weekly]

Training Period

As an employee of this company, you are expected to complete a training period from [Duration of training period] under [Name & designation of manager/supervisor] with the [Department_name] 

Working Hours & Paid Time Off

You will be expected to work from [Number of working hours & days] from [Work/office location]. 

 You are entitled to [Number of leaves] per annum. You are required to inform your reporting manager two weeks in advance of your leave period. 


Apart from the attached salary structure, as an employee of [Company_name], you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • [Mention additional employee benefits]

Rules & Regulations

At [Company_name], we believe in utmost transparency and integrity. To maintain this standard, you are expected to devote your full attention and skills to the organization’s affairs. You will not undertake other activities which may hinder your performance without obtaining written permission from the organization. 

 [Company_name] looks forward to continuing a positive working relationship with you. If you have any questions, please reach out to the HR department.  

On  behalf of [Company_name], 



[Sender’s Job Title]

Template 5


Dear [Candidate_name],

 [Company_name] is delighted to have you on board as an [Job_title]. 

 If you choose to accept this employment offer, please review the terms and conditions of your contract below:

  • Position: You will be reporting to the [Designation of reporting senior] and will be responsible for: [Job responsibilities] 
  • Working hours: [Working days] from [Working hours] 
  • Compensation: Your salary structure will be [Salary amount] per [Annum/month/week], and will receive your salary on [Date] every subsequent [Month/week]. Please find an attached document of your salary structure. 
  • Benefits: As a full-time employee, you will be eligible for the following employee benefits: [Mention employee details]
  • Leave Period: You are entitled to a leave period of [Number of leave/vacation days] subjected to prior approval of your reporting manager and management. 
  • Termination Clause: The letter will be terminated owing to [give severance reasons].

To accept our offer, please email this letter back to us with your signature by [Date].

We look forward to our bright future ahead with you! 

Best Wishes, 



[Sender’s Job Title] 

Template 6


Dear [Candidate_name],

With great pleasure, [Company_name] would like to extend the following employment offer.

 Position: [Job_title]

Start date: [Date]

Salary: [Salary details as per annum/month]

This employment offer is contingent upon successfully completing [background check, drug screening, training details, etc.]. 

This offer is not a contract of employment, and either party may terminate employment at any time, with or without cause. 

You will work closely with the [Department_name] and are expected to report to [Manager/supervisor name & designation]. 

As an [Job_title] at [Company_name], you will be responsible for:

  • [Mention job responsibilities]

[Company_name] strives for a strong and positive work environment for which you will be granted the following employee benefits:

  • [Mention employee benefits]

The Company shall be entitled to terminate your employment without notice in any of the following events:

  • [Mention termination clauses]

As an acceptance of this offer, please reply to this email with a signed copy of this letter. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors with us and look forward to bringing you on board! 

Best Regards, 



[Sender’s Job Title]

12 Handy Tips for Making a Job Offer to a Candidate

job offer letter

You’ve scanned resumes and conducted countless interviews, and now you even have a job offer template ready for use. 

All you have to do is make a compelling offer that your candidate can’t resist!

With job acceptance rates at an all-time low from 90% to 40% from 2016-2022, presenting the final job offer is crucial if you don’t want to restart candidate sourcing

So here are some handy tips if you want to bag that perfect candidate and ensure a smooth placement:

1. Be Candid & Honest

Job applicants today want complete transparency about their position. Be upfront and honest about the salary range, benefits, working conditions, and other vital information. You don’t want to miss out on a new hire due to secrecy or insufficient details about the offered role. 

2. Know Your Candidate

You should now have some insight into your candidate’s experience, make kyc identity verification and background with multiple interviews

Before you go ahead with that final offer, dig into your candidate’s mind and understand their expectations from the role and future career goals. The more you know about the candidate, the better. This way, you’ll know exactly how to frame your final offer and if they are ready for the opportunity. 

3. Explain Employee Perks & Incentives

job offer letter

Apart from discussing salaries, an important part of presenting a compelling job offer is highlighting additional employee benefits. With so much discussion around employee wellness, recruiters should be prepared with a list of benefits for potential employees.

Remember that a high-paying salary doesn’t have to be the key to making that final offer. Instead, consider benefits like workplace flexibility, hybrid work options, healthcare benefits, cash incentives, bonuses, and more. 

4. Highlight Work Culture & Growth Opportunities

The best candidates expect purpose-led job roles that will benefit them long term. Be prepared to address opportunities for growth and scope for promotions. In short, understand how your candidate can benefit from this employment opportunity. 

If you want to keep your candidate engaged, make sure you have a conversation about work culture! Highlight your organizational culture, values, and ethics. Make your candidate feel like they are already a part of something. 

5. Ask What the Candidate Wants

Instead of just having a one-way conversation and bombarding the candidate with information about the job offer, take some time to listen to them and understand what they want. 

Every candidate is motivated by different things. So, dive deep into what they expect from the employer and what you can offer to persuade them to accept the job offer. 

6. Be Understanding & Flexible

If a candidate has a particular expectation or demand, don’t outright refuse them! Instead, understand their point of view and be flexible with your offer. Find common ground with which you and your candidate can move forward. 

The key is being creative when negotiating with a candidate so you can modify benefits based on your candidate’s values. 

7. Be Enthusiastic!

job offer letter template

Making your candidate feel valued and appreciated can influence their chances of accepting a job offer. If an applicant faces an overall bumpy candidate experience, they’ll likely not want to work with you and the organization in the future. 

So don’t be shy to express how excited you are to have them on board!

8. Don’t Drag the Opportunity

With today’s competition, you have to assume that your candidate is already lined up with other offers from recruiters. So the longer you take to make an offer, the more time another organization has to lure away your perfect candidate. 

If you present your job offer too late, your candidate will likely lose interest and might not engage. 

9. Provide a Deadline

If you want to pick up the pace, don’t just leave the candidate hanging with the offer. Provide a deadline so that you can move on to the next candidate in case the job offer is rejected.

Specifying a deadline also helps create a sense of urgency so that your candidate will want to respond as soon as possible.

10. Stay Connected

Candidates always want to know where they stand in the recruitment process. In fact, 62% of job seekers lose interest if they don’t hear from a recruiter within two weeks of the initial interview. 

Even if there is no update, just let them know that is the case. In short, always touch base with your candidates, whether it’s through your business email or even social media like LinkedIn. 

11. Share Feedback

When making the final job offer, start by sharing positive feedback from interviews and the overall hiring process. Starting the conversation on a positive note will make the candidate feel valued and excited for what’s to come. 

Most importantly, sharing feedback creates a positive impression, improving the candidate experience.  

12. Always Follow Up!

job offer letter

After you’ve presented your candidate with the final job offer, don’t sit back and relax just yet. Ensure you follow up with the candidate before the deadline to check in on them. 

Schedule a quick call or write an email asking whether they are still interested in the job offer or if they have any questions. Talent acquisition teams can make the hiring process much more meaningful by expressing gratitude toward the candidate. 

While presenting a job offer, today’s candidates expect several things from recruiters and hiring managers when considering their next career move. By creating an engaging and respectful candidate experience, you can easily come out as a winner in bagging top talent placements. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Should a Job Offer Letter Include?

Depending on the conditions and type of role, most formal offers include key job details in a letter format. The emails usually mention–   

  • Job title and responsibilities
  • Salary structure and employee benefits
  • Company policies and regulations
  • Leave and paid time off policy
  • A statement of at-will employment and termination details
  • An employee confidentiality agreement

2. Is a Job Offer Letter a Contract?

Job offer letters and employment contracts are different types of documents. A job offer letter includes basic information about a role and offers written confirmation that a candidate has been selected for employment. 

Job offer letters often include an at-will statement, whereas an employment contract specifies different conditions. Employment contracts are legally bound between employer and employee where the conditions cannot be broken. 

3. Is a Job Offer Letter Legally Binding?

A job offer letter is not legally binding. At any point, the employee or employer can terminate the employment, or the selected candidate can decline the offer without legal repercussions. 

This is why they are termed as an “offer” and not a guarantee of employment.

4. What is a Conditional Job Offer Letter?

A conditional job offer letter is an offer of employment if certain conditions are satisfied. If selected candidates fail to complete the conditions, their offer or employment can be revoked or terminated. 

Some common conditions mentioned in conditional job offer letters include:

  • Drug or alcohol screening
  • Criminal record checks
  • Reference checking
  • Verification of educational qualifications 
  • Medical examinations