Jessica George’s tips on improving your employer branding [5 key lessons from Twitter’s transformation to “X”]

“Just as Twitter and Facebook have redefined themselves to remain relevant, companies prioritizing employer branding transformation can secure their position as top talent magnets.”

Jessica Fiesta George
Talent acquisition leader and podcast host


As social media platforms redefine themselves with monumental shifts like Twitter morphing into “X” and Facebook rebranding to “Meta,” it beckons the question—is it time for your employer branding to take a revolutionary leap?

If a “tweet” can go from being a sound bird to a verb, why can’t your employer branding evolve too?

It’s not just about having a good logo and a memorable tagline for your brand any more!

I am talking about something deeper—the entire presentation of your brand.

So why should you stick around? 

In this article, I’ll delve into how Twitter’s metamorphosis into “X” isn’t just a case study for the social media books but a branding masterclass for recruiters like us.

I’ll extract actionable insights from the transformation that can HIGHLY embrace your strong employer brand.

Here’s how.

From ‘Tweeting’ to ‘team building’: How does communication shape your employer brand? 

Remember how Twitter turned the simple act of ‘tweeting’ into a global phenomenon? 

That’s the power of effective communication. 

And, just like that, a good employer brand relies on sharing what makes the company unique. 

This means communicating company values and the experiences your employees enjoy.

Social media platforms offer an opportunity to engage with potential job candidates and showcase a positive company culture. 

Authentic storytelling can help employers resonate with potential candidates and foster a sense of belonging among existing employees. 

You can take inspiration from Twitter’s approach to communication and create a consistent voice across all platforms. 

By sharing employee success stories, highlighting company achievements, and demonstrating a commitment to employee well-being, companies can strengthen their employer brand and increase employee retention.

How can recruiters embrace the Metaverse of employer branding?

employer branding lessons from Twitter's transformation to X

When Facebook took the leap into the “Meta” world, it wasn’t just a name change. 

It was about creating an entirely new kind of experience. 

Now, think about what this could mean for your company. 

Candidates today aren’t just hunting for a job. They’re searching for a workplace that aligns with their own goals and values. 

So, how about giving them more than just a glimpse of your company culture? 

Offering experiences like virtual reality tours can set you apart, showing off your remote work capabilities and interactive onboarding processes, for instance.

The metaverse represents a new frontier in employer branding, offering opportunities for companies to create a deeper and more engaging connection with candidates. 

Imagine conducting virtual job fairs where candidates can explore a virtual representation of the company’s workplace, interact with current employees, and gain insights into the organization’s culture. 

Such immersive experiences can leave a lasting impression and attract top talent who value innovation and forward-thinking.

Staying ahead in recruitment through continuous evolution

Twitter’s journey to “X” and Facebook’s “Meta” rebranding demonstrate the importance of adaptability and continuous evolution. 

Employer branding is not a one-time effort but a dynamic process that requires staying attuned to changing trends and job seeker preferences. 

Recruiters must continuously refine their employer branding strategies to maintain relevance in a highly competitive job market.

The dynamic nature of social media and technology necessitates a flexible approach to employer branding. 

Just as Twitter and Facebook have redefined themselves to remain relevant, companies prioritizing employer branding transformation can secure their position as top talent magnets. 

Learn from Mark and Elon: 5 recruiting lessons for success  

The parallel between Twitter’s evolution to “X” and Facebook’s “Meta” introduction reveals powerful insights for employer branding. Let’s take a look at  these innovative lessons to learn from the superhero of change:

1. Embrace visual identity

employer branding lessons from Twitter's transformation to X

When Twitter transformed into “X,” and Facebook became “Meta,” it wasn’t just about new names but visual identity overhaul. 

Your logo and design elements serve as the first impression of your brand image. If they resonate, you’ve already won half the battle. 

Just like Twitter’s bird became iconic, your visual identity can become a hallmark of your company mission. 

2. Create your own language

Twitter has “tweets,” and Facebook has “likes.” 

These aren’t just words; they’re a part of these platforms’ DNA. 

Your company can also craft its own lingo—think of it as an insider’s code—that makes you distinctive and creates a sense of community. 

It can be as simple as an internal hashtag or a slogan. 

When candidates feel like they speak your language, that’s a connection far deeper than any job posting could achieve.

3. Communicate clearly

Tech giants Twitter and Facebook have changed how we share and receive information. 

Similarly, you need to consider how you’re telling your company’s story. 

Having an exceptional culture is not enough; you have to communicate it effectively. 

Platforms like LinkedIn, corporate blogs, and even TikTok can be avenues for sharing your vision, values, and the unique features that make your company a great workplace.

4. Invest in proper storytelling

The stories you tell about your company aren’t just fluff; they’re engagement tools.

Stories create emotional connections, whether it’s an employee’s journey from intern to manager or the narrative around your latest product launch. 

And in today’s competitive job market, that could be your trump card. 

Authentic storytelling through effective candidate communication can help you resonate with job seekers and build loyalty with your existing employees. 

5. Commit to continuous evolution

Finally, if there’s one lesson we can take from the tech tycoons, change is inevitable. 

You must continually evolve to keep attracting and retaining top talent. A static brand is a stagnant brand. 

So, invest in training, technology, and, most importantly, people. 

By doing so, you create a brand that candidates aspire to join and build a culture that makes them want to stay.

With the right strategy and commitment to evolution, employers can position themselves as industry leaders in talent attraction and elevate their brand to new heights in the dynamic and ever-changing world of work.

Happy recruiting! 


Jessica Fiesta George

Jessica Fiesta George is the force behind the Jess Get Hired Podcast, bringing over 20 years of expertise from retail management to recruiting. A seasoned Talent Acquisition leader, she specializes in consulting private-equity-backed companies on talent growth, serving as a fractional HR/TA leader for various businesses.

Apart from her corporate endeavors, she passionately invests in real estate and showcases her talent as a commercial print model and actress. Hosting the top-rated Jess Get Hired Podcast, she offers invaluable insights for personal success. Jessica is a popular guest speaker, contributing to many events, conferences, and podcasts, emphasizing career development and personal growth. Her dedication and ability to inspire shine through her work. Visit her at www.jessgethired.com.

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