Steve Ackroyd’s 6-step guide to enhancing candidate experience in recruitment

“Improving the candidate experience means we’re not just hiring for now; we’re building a loyal alumni network that spreads our brand’s ethos long after their interviews.”

Steve Ackroyd
(Operations Director, The Job Guru)
Steve Ackroyd’s 6-step guide to enhancing candidate experience in recruitment


Even in this unpredictable job market, one thing remains clear: the way companies treat candidates can make or break their hiring success. 

Consider it as a shot towards making a lasting impression that keeps top talent coming your way.

Not sure where to begin? Here’s a clear roadmap to follow.

Top 10 characteristics of a great candidate experience 

A positive candidate experience typically:

  • Provides all the employment details and resources candidates need to make an informed decision to apply. Transparency should be one of the leading USPs of your brand.
  • Offers an easy, straightforward application process. You may not want to scare or bore the applicants away!
  • Treats candidates with respect at all stages. That’s the least they can expect from an employer— it’s basic.
  • Maintains a respectful process for rejecting job applicants. Being clear and constructive about rejections is possibly the most potent weapon of employer branding.
  • Provides a pleasant and seamless interview experience. Because interviews, my friend, are your one and ONLY opportunity to give off a pleasant human experience.
  • Sets realistic expectations for the job and work environment. Recruitment may not be the right place to be delusional.
  • Communicate your employee value proposition. This touch might set you apart from the crowd and bring in what you desire.
  • Smoothly transitions selected job applicants into new employees. The onboarding process you come up with has a story to tell. It’s always a right choice to put some good effort into it.
  • Gives new employees everything they need to succeed in their role. Growth is every applicant’s dream and might be the easiest path to a stellar employee experience.

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A 6-step guide to enhancing candidate experience

Here are a few candidate experience best practices to improve the hiring process:

  1. Full disclosure: Be open and vocal about factors like compensation, benefits, job responsibilities, as well as the recruitment process’s timeline.
  2. Clear job descriptions: Ensure your job descriptions are clear, accurate, and jargon-free. This helps candidates understand if the role is a good fit for them.
  3. Hassle-free processes: The entire recruitment process should be easy and accessible for everyone. Strictly avoid any unwanted repetitive steps, such as submitting a CV yet having to complete an application form that replicates the information on the CV.
  4. Regular and undisputed communication: Indulging in smooth communication with your candidates is your easy gateway to building positive relationships and fueling engagement throughout your hiring process.
  5. Respect candidates’ time: Respect your candidates’ time by keeping interviews to a minimum. A recruiting drive with too many insignificant conversations will always lead to a poor candidate experience.
  6. Feedback: The best way to maximize applicant satisfaction is to learn what you’re doing right and what you could do better. And the soundest way to trace your room for improvement is to seek feedback from every candidate involved in the procedure.

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Exceeding a candidate’s expectations throughout the hiring journey often hinges on the small details, deciding whether candidates feel as welcome as they should. 

Thoughtfulness, consideration, and meticulous attention can significantly impact this process. 

Improving the candidate experience means we’re not just hiring for now; we’re building a loyal alumni network that spreads our brand’s ethos long after their interviews.


Steve Ackroyd

Steve Ackroyd is the founder of The Job Guru (also known as TJG), a company that helps other businesses find and hire new employees through the online Application Booster service.

Steve has over two decades of experience working with small businesses, helping them to grow through providing expert knowledge, consultancy, and services both online and in person.

Steve has been helping companies recruit for the last decade. He has built up a considerable following over that time by providing honest, straightforward advice to help business owners understand how to find and retain the best employees for their businesses.


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