If there’s one thing we, as a team, can boast about is customer obsession. In the words of our CEO, Sean Mallapurkar, “We are obsessed with providing the best experience to our customers.

For us, Software is religion and the user is God.” With this said, Recruit CRM is honestly proud to inform recruiters and recruitment agencies all over the world that we have launched our brand new app!

Recruitment has always made an immense impact on the growth of any business. Not only does recruiting require enough manpower but also strategic planning, time management, investment and so on.

With time, more and more gigantic companies have been outsourcing this from recruitment agencies.

To make the latter’s task much easier and relaxed, apart from providing a feature-rich Applicant Tracking System & CRM software, to meet the time constraints and make everything handy, we have launched our app.

How Will the Recruit CRM App Help Staffing Agencies Worldwide? Take a Look at These 10 Striking Features.

The Recruit CRM mobile app lets you get the data you need on the fly, just at your fingertips. Don’t have your laptop with you? We think, our app has plainly saved you.

Below are some of the top features that recruiters can avail of from our mobile app.

1.  Manage All Your Candidates, Contacts & Clients in One Place

Candidate management is imperative when it comes to a headhunter. There’s no point if a recruiter is unable to build and sustain good relationships with the applicants.

It not just improves recruiting outcomes but also tends to enhance the employer brand. Our app lets recruiters manage all their candidates in one place, thereby, helping in building a strong candidate pipeline.

Apart from managing candidates in one place, you can keep a track of your deal pipelines, other contacts and even important clients. Doesn’t this get just better?

2. The Ease of Scheduling Meetings

Katrina Ruth, writer and success coach had once mentioned, “Time is precious, and you should value how you spend it. If you don’t decide what matters in advance, you’ll spend it all in doing things that aren’t moving you forward.”

Therefore, we have listed below the advantages that come with scheduling meetings for a recruiter beforehand—

  • Helps you frame a clear purpose
  • Helps you set goals
  • Allows prioritisation of tasks
  • You become proficient enough to accomplish your goals in a specific time period
  • Solves issues related to procrastination

With our app, you can schedule meetings with ease!

3. Monitor Every Recruiter Activity

If you’re a hiring manager or the founder of your recruitment agency and you’re looking forward to knowing more about what every recruiter in your organisation is up to, our mobile app can help you do just that.

Take a look into what your recruiters are doing, analyse how strong their candidate pipelines are, the candidates they’re submitting to the clients and so on with the app.

Examine this with the data our recruitment dashboards provide and build a detailed report on your recruiters for the next meeting.

4. Easy Integrations

HubSpot had carried out research some time ago revealing that almost 17% of salespeople mention lack of integration with other tools as the biggest challenge using their present CRM tool. We understand that integrations form an important part of any business growth. Therefore, our mobile app solves the above issue and provides users with easy integrations with their mail accounts and LinkedIn. This enables them to conduct communication and have data right under their nose. Such a useful characteristic lets recruiters have data visibility, increases productivity and enhances customer service.

5. Manage All Your Job Openings in One Place

As a recruiter, you’re bound to handle more than one job opening at the same time and this can be haphazard if you don’t have the means to manage everything in one place.

Imagine how chaotic it would be if you have a job opening of a software engineer being handled in one medium whereas candidate details of another job opening of a marketing head are present in some other medium.

This would be almost impossible to deal with, apart from the various other day-to-day tasks that a headhunter does.

But, we’re providing recruiters with the option to manage all their job openings in one singular place. Whether you’re handling 3 job openings or 20, you can control everything without having to move to and forth!

6. Collaborate Easily with Your Team

Collaboration comes easy with our handy app, especially because of the fact that you can mention your colleagues and team members in notes, commit to collaborative tasks and so on.

Teamwork and collaboration become significant, especially when most of us are working remotely owing to Covid-19. This results in more engaged employees, more productive meetings, innovative ideas and further attraction of top talent.

7. Quick Chat Support

It’s obvious for users to have several questions when they start using a new app, especially rookies in the industry.

Therefore, our mobile app promises to provide quick chat support to solve all your queries. This will help recruiters know their clients better and even help them make better-informed judgements.

8. Kanban Board

Still don’t have an idea of what a Kanban board is? A Kanban board helps recruiters visualise and manage their workflows. It also helps signal any form of congestion in the road map and generally manages any form of a task in a simple and clear manner.

You will generally notice how Kanban boards are used by remote teams to manage their workflow in an organised system which not just improves productivity but also helps in real-time project management.

Through our recruitment app, our potential users will have the option of setting up their own workflows and manage their entire team on separate projects or any outstanding agency-wide scheme with visual cues that all team members can understand.

This is one such important feature that will help recruiters to a large extent. Specify any specific keywords on the page and our advanced search option actually helps you narrow down the search results based on the text that you’ve just provided.

Apart from helping you search for various file types to being more coordinated and omitting unwanted results, this will help you be more fruitful and save time.

10. Customise As Per Your Wish!

The best part of the Recruit CRM app has to be the ability to customise the app as per a recruiter’s own choice.

We understand and value the reliability, uniqueness, business acumen, security and adaptability that every user demands and to help meet every single recruiter demand globally, we’ve made both our Applicant Tracking System, CRM software and our mobile app customisable!

To download the Recruit CRM app, visit the links below:

  1. iOS users
  2. Android users