Before the internet is flooded with case studies and interesting breakthroughs they’ve made on the new social media app on the radar, here’s what recruiters and staffing agencies need to know. This app is not just for branding specialists, influencers or Founders and CEOs. Clubhouse is honestly a club full of interesting people, most of whom are not professional party poopers. Now really, what is this buzz around Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a drop-in audio chat social app that lets users engage in real-time conversations in specific rooms based on their choice or purpose. This 11-month old app has quickly built momentum in and around the world with genuine fans like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

Founders Rohan Seth and Paul Davison (though not big press fanatics), built this live audio, invite-only app that lets users engage and share ideas, almost like a virtual public meeting room. By using the app, you can create “rooms” that lets you start a chat with other users and experts in no time. Thus, imagine the quality content that can come up here!

Can anyone & everyone join Clubhouse?

Unfortunately, no. People can only come aboard in the app if they’re invited by users who are already using it. You can obviously still download the app on your device and sign up with a username. Clubhouse is now open for both iOS and Android users. On that note, Recruit CRM still has 5 invites and we’re giving them out to senior recruitment professionals and Founders of recruitment agencies. In case, you wish for an invite, comment here on our LinkedIn post.

How can recruiters make use of the Clubhouse App?

This exclusive members-only club sounds like any city luxury club where you don’t know what’s going on inside, maybe is flocked by celebrities, highly intimidating membership fees and there’s a major FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) building up inside you! Clubhouse, however, ignores the former and works only with the latter. The major FOMO will make any user watch other social media platforms keenly just to receive an invite and honestly, that’s what happened with folks at Recruit CRM too. Once you’re on it, here’s how you can use it for the better.

1. Learn from the best recruitment & HR experts

There are thousands of Human Resources experts, hiring managers and talent acquisition specialists who talk every day in various rooms in Clubhouse. They’re giving out all this knowledge and expert tips for free and as a recruitment entrepreneur who is just starting out or even recruiters who are casually trying to make it big in the staffing market, this platform is real gold.

2. Create your own branding

There’s a buzz around the internet around how Clubhouse is soon going to allow brands, entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts to sponsor rooms. Apart from the ability to earn money later on via the app, recruitment agencies can create rooms of their own or collaborate with other recruiters and host rooms. You can talk about candidate sourcing, how to find the right talent online, remote recruiting and so on…all this in just one single place, letting recruiters from all over the world know that you and your brand exist.

Make sure you edit your bio properly since that’s the only text you’re ever going to write on this social media app. Keep in mind that your bio is the real SEO there so be clear, objective and if there are multiple services that you or your recruitment agency is offering, make sure to write that in points but include the keywords in the first 3 lines.

3. Collaborate with other recruiters

To get a decent number of members to join your room, reach out via LinkedIn or Twitter and talk to recruiters from across the world. You can either create public or private rooms and invite other members to join for a cool discussion. Also for instance, instead of holding webinars via Zoom or Google Meet, you can host them for free on Clubhouse with unlimited members. Always remember that a room that lasts for approximately 60-90 minutes will bring in more value than anything else.

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4. Use it to train candidates & up your success game!

Apart from hosting internal meetings and working your way through recruitment branding and marketing, recruiters can also use Clubhouse to train candidates before their first job interview with the respective company, engage in an interactive and open discussion about their job preferences or even get to conclude about their behaviour, speaking abilities and more. This training is bound to affect an agency’s candidate experience and can even help you build a strong and diverse candidate pipeline.

5. Get in early to bring more value

This is the easiest way to interact with famous celebrities and close deals with other companies. Make sure you bring out the best that your recruitment agency has to offer in front of the Clubhouse members. Though this club is exclusive, the numbers are growing rapidly and before the whole world can practically be on it, use it to your advantage. The rooms will be more and more crowded with time and might be the next time you need to wait for a long time before you’re allowed to speak in one. Therefore, it’s essential to use it to the fullest right now and create your mark before you need to pay to access more features.

Recruiters must always find out the newest and the trendiest ways to promote their business and you can’t deny that Clubhouse is actually the next best thing happening to the world of the internet with free speech and democracy. Though there are a lot of speculations and backlash that it might receive, there are no second thoughts about how amazingly it can work out for any business on this planet. Let us know in the comments below whether you’re enjoying the app?