The way a candidate is rejected can significantly impact their perception of your company. 

Juraj Lovas, in his recent interview with Recruit CRM, emphasizes the often-overlooked aspect of candidate rejection. 

He also talks about: 

  • The importance of internal mobility
  • The value of networking and global connections
  • Balancing innovations with tradition

Watch the full talk here:

Who is Juraj Lovas?

Juraj Lovas is a dynamic leader in the recruitment and headhunting industry, with an impressive track record spanning over 13 years. 

His career is distinguished by his passion for leveraging technology to transform traditional recruitment processes, making them more efficient and effective on a global scale. 

Having built and led large hiring teams and worked on strategic initiatives, Lovas brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the recruitment industry.

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juraj lovas on candidate rejection

Are thoughtful candidate rejections important?

The moment of rejection is pivotal. Instead of being a simple ‘no,’ it should be a constructive and positive interaction that leaves the candidate feeling respected and valued. 

Juraj Lovas suggests several strategies to achieve this:

  • Sending personalized rejection emails: Customize your communication. Address candidates by their names and reference specific elements of their application to show genuine consideration for their efforts.
  • Offering constructive feedback: Whenever possible, provide actionable feedback. This helps candidates understand the reasons behind the decision and portrays your company as transparent and helpful.
  • Encourage them to reapply: If a candidate’s skills are impressive but not a perfect match for the current role, encourage them to apply for future positions. This shows you see potential in their capabilities.

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How to transform rejected candidates into brand ambassadors? 

Juraj Lovas emphasizes that the key to turning rejection into a positive outcome lies in the approach:

  • Engage respectfully and empathetically. Make sure the candidate feels that their time and effort were appreciated, even if they weren’t the right fit for the specific role.
  • Highlight potential future opportunities. Direct them to job alerts or company newsletters to keep them informed about upcoming vacancies.
  • Invite them to join your company’s professional community, whether it be online groups, webinars, or industry events. This keeps them connected and engaged with your brand.

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