Want to know what it takes to climb the corporate ladder in the recruitment industry? 

In his exclusive interview with Recruit CRM, Yasar Ahmad, Global VP of Talent at HelloFresh, spills the beans on his unconventional journey from being a scrum master to becoming a recruitment legend! 

He talks about: 

  • Key initiatives that he led as the director of strategic hiring at Wipro. 
  • Advice for aspiring professionals to make an impact in talent acquisition. 
  • Unexpected benefits of being a recruiter. 

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Who is Yasar Ahmad?

Yasar Ahmed is the Global Vice President of Talent, Mobility, and Rewards at HelloFresh.

With a decade of experience in recruitment leadership across various sectors, including e-commerce and consulting, Yasar has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of talent acquisition. 

His career transitioned from a certified scrum master to a recruitment expert, where he now focuses on strategic hiring initiatives, improving candidate experiences, and advocating for internal mobility within organizations.

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Yasar Ahmad on internal mobility

What is internal mobility?

Internal mobility refers to the practice of allowing employees to move between different roles within the same organization. 

This can include lateral moves, promotions, or role changes that allow individuals to explore different career paths or departments. 

The concept is designed to enhance employee engagement and retention by providing career development opportunities within the company. 

So how can internal mobility be your best move? 

1. Boost employee satisfaction and retention

Internal mobility programs allow employees to explore different roles within the organization, increasing job satisfaction. 

This strategy ensures that employees feel valued and invested, reducing turnover rates and fostering a positive work environment.

2. Cut down on hiring costs

Filling roles internally can significantly lower recruitment costs associated with sourcing candidates externally. This not only saves on financial resources but also shortens the time-to-hire, accelerating the recruitment process.

3. Enhanced skill utilization

Internal mobility maximizes the existing talents and skills within the organization, ensuring that the full potential of employees is harnessed. 

It encourages continuous professional development, keeping the workforce competitive and dynamic.

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How can recruiters create an internal mobility program?

Drawing on the insights shared by Yasar Ahmed, here are some strategies to effectively implement internal mobility within your organization:

1. Transparent career pathways

Clearly outline potential career paths within the company to help employees understand their growth opportunities. This transparency motivates employees and helps them plan their career progression within the organization.

2. Regular skill assessments

Conduct regular reviews of employee skills and aspirations. It will help align employees’ career goals with internal opportunities and ensure a good fit between their capabilities and job requirements.

3. Encourage cross-departmental moves

Facilitate and encourage moves across different departments to foster a comprehensive understanding of the company, enhance inter-departmental cooperation, and break silos.

Wait, this is just one topic we’ve covered, Yasar has so much more to talk about. Watch the full interview here: