If you’re not aware of the immense power that Instagram holds then beware since it’s one of the most used social media platforms in the world and there’s a high probability for you to find your next suitable candidate here. 61% of Instagram’s demographic consists of active users who are aged between 18-34, making it one of the fastest growing social media platforms! Recruiters might be using Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn to promote job vacancies or to post ads but times are changing and so is the face of recruitment. Social recruitment is quite a flourishing term which is paving its way like a thunderstorm nowadays.

Building your brand on Instagram definitely works. Apart from being a suitable platform to sell products and build an empire of your own, it can also help you sell your job vacancies. With more than 1.2 billion users, is it truly possible to get suitable candidates without any adverts from this non-recruitment site? Here Recruit CRM is pointing out 5 simple ways on how it’s possible!

How To Attract Candidates Using Instagram?

Recruiting on Instagram might sound harder for the sole reason that it’s a non-recruitment site, but with social recruiting being one of the top trends this 2020, nothing is impossible.

1. Build Your Brand Effectively

Your recruitment agency might take LinkedIn and Facebook really seriously when it comes to promoting your work culture but now that you have planned to focus on Instagram too, it’s essential that you show your social followers how seriously you’re taking this media platform. Make sure that your profile picture is of high quality, and it must contain your recruitment agency’s official logo. Do not be in a hurry to start targeting candidates on Instagram so that you miss out on the smaller details. Keep in mind that brand image is utterly significant in social recruiting. Utilizing Instagram Stories for business is an effective way to promote your recruitment agency and reach out to potential candidates.

Always make sure that you fill out the correct information and by chance, if a candidate stumbles across your Instagram profile, your website link should be present so that they can be redirected. It’s your marketing team’s sole responsibility to build an effective footprint on the platform.

2. Post Relevant Content

According to a recent research by Aberdeen Group, it’s said that 73% of the millennials found their last job via a social media site. Can you now promptly recognize the importance of social media recruitment?

So once you finish creating your profile and filling out relevant information along with a great bio (eye-catching bios tell followers who you are, what your recruitment agency offers, and things your firm wants the user to know), make sure you’re posting relevant images and content on your brand page.

Write articles related to your niche and promote them via your Instagram. Of course, it takes time and resources to do it properly, so you could do it with a helping hand. Use various Instagram automation tools to support your activities and simplify some tedious tasks such as creating a content calendar or answering messages.

Finding and building on your niche is extremely significant when it comes to this social media site. Consider the kind of talent you would like to hire, who is your candidate persona and what is it that they are looking for? It’s through these relevant content that you can find your audience.

3. Use Hashtags With A High Search Volume

Using popular and relevant hashtags can be a great way to engage your existing audience and find new audience members. A lot of people, including potential candidates, use hashtags to explore Instagram and find fresh content. Therefore, being strategic about the hashtags that you’re using can help you attract new candidates who are interested in your recruitment agency.

With digital marketing flying in every sector like crazy, it’s easy to find a lot of tools that can actually help you in getting hold of popular & appropriate hashtags relevant to your recruitment and staffing industry.

If you post a selfie as a part of your recruiting strategy, make sure to use appropriate hashtags. Self portrait hashtags can help you out in getting noticed and will leave a more personal impression on potential candidates.

Don’t hashtag every element of the photo and be careful. Usage of non-relevant hashtags can result in your profile being listed completely elsewhere.

4. Use Instagram Geotags to Engage Locally

Every Instagram user
is well aware of the fact that this social media site allows you to upload a picture with your location and this is a great feature if you want to target potential candidates locally. When a user posts a photo, they have an option to tag it to a location.

Want to find a candidate locally? Search for #(location) and then through the Location tags provided on that search. Alternatively, you can also click the blue link on a photo (the location link) and it will bring up all photos tagged to that particular location. It’s not rocket science when it comes to finding candidates via Instagram. One of the major key takeaways would be to use the features strategically that the site provides and you’re good to go!

5. Engage With The Users & Be Active

There has been a lot of speculation regarding Instagram’s algorithm and how it exactly works. While there are so many factors like- frequency, usage, recency and so on which determines how often your followers will be able to see your posts, the best thing which you, as a recruiter or your agency’s marketing team can do is to consistently maintain Instagram engagement and remain active. The more people engage with your posts, the higher weight Instagram puts to it. However, this can happen both ways – you can help drive engagement to your posts by interacting with other posts. You can also explore the interactive features that this site offers like- stories and story highlights to draw attention to your open job positions, as well as the new IGTV feature which can be used to showcase your company culture or employees can share their work experience. Make sure that you also respond to any candidate messages promptly.

Once you’ve built a consistent following on Instagram, and have gained relevant followers, it is essential that you look out for passive candidates, ones who are not actively seeking out a job. Make sure to comment on their photos, thank them if they share your brand, like their photos, repost stories and maybe even follow them. Don’t follow everyone expecting to gain follow backs. In the meantime, Recruit CRM has been consistently powering recruitment firms everywhere and in case you’re interested in our Recruitment 101s and hacks, visit our Instagram here!