Chrome Extensions make life so much easier, right?

Our team at Recruit CRM built our Chrome Extension to help recruiters get more done faster and easier. Apart from greatly enhancing user experience, this minor add-on application personalizes the way a recruiter approaches candidate sourcing. It helps you become much more productive and lets you work the way you prefer.

Using Recruit CRM’s Sourcing Extension you can now source candidates, clients, or companies from various platforms such as— LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Xing, and so on with just a single click.

Primarily supported by over 30 Chromium-based browsers, you’re all in for a lot of useful features inside the Chrome Extension itself that’ll let you hire smoothly.

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How Can You Set Up Recruit CRM’s Sourcing Extension?

  • Once you see the extension at the top right corner of your screen you can start the sourcing process by just clicking on the ‘R’ button icon once you’re on any profile page.
  • You can do follow-up actions on the records like adding notes, tasks, jobs, hotlist, etc. Once you click on ‘Done’ the record will be added to your Recruit CRM database.
  • Recruiters can add notes, tasks, jobs, hotlist candidates and more with this chrome extension and once you click on “Done”, the data gets transported to your Recruit CRM database.

Worried about duplicate candidate records in this process? Our system recognises any data that already exists in your database. It just updates it with new information (if any) captured by the chrome extension to the candidate profile.

Here’s How You Can Use Our Sourcing Extension

  • You can check whether the person is in the database in the form of a candidate, contact or company.
  • The extension will extract the person’s email and phone number if he/she is your 1st degree LinkedIn connection.
  • You can link a specific contact to a company (if the company already exists in the database).
  • Our system will upfront tell you if there are notes present on that specific person. You can also add new notes.
  • You can assign new or existing jobs to the contact.
  • You can change a person’s hiring stage and add them to hotlists.
  • The system allows you to pick up the PDF version of a person’s profile via LinkedIn which can be stored as a temporary CV.
  • We also have a settings button at the top right corner of our Chrome Extension that lets you turn on/off features.

Facing any issues while using our Chrome Extension? Write to us in the comments below or reach out to our customer support and we’ll help you right away.