19 Free Chrome Extensions For Recruiters

Ever since I discovered Chrome Extensions, I have been a fan. They are extremely useful and often come in handy. 

We have curated a list of 40 Chrome Extensions for recruiters, of course, you won’t be needing all of them but feel free to choose the one you like.

It’s time to do some serious recruiting in 2019.

1.) Grammarly

Recruiters are often seen writing multiple times every day, I mean every hour! Grammarly will make sure all those are professional by helping you fix typos and spelling mistakes. Also, we have some email templates for you get started, here.

Grammarly is free to use!

2.) Boomerang for Gmail

Talking about emails, now that you are sending a professional email you also want to make sure that it is opened and the other party responds to you. This where Boomerang will come into the play!

Boomerang uses AI to rate your messages on respond-ability; predicting the likelihood that your recipient will answer your email.

The extension also allows you to schedule emails as per your convenience.
Boomerang is free to use!

3.) Hunter

Hunter helps you find an email address from the domain name, this is how it works in short.

Click on the source to discover the email address, it simply works!

4.) FullContact

FullContact helps you with additional data on your candidates, like his/her social media accounts, address and all the information this app can find on the internet.

This is helpful for recruiters are into checking social media profiles of candidates. There are many uses of this extension, it’s up to you how you use it! 

5.) Calendly

Calendly is a powerful tool to schedule meetings. Just share a simple link and your client can schedule a meeting with you. You can choose your time slots.

The app is free to get started.

6.) Sideways Dictionary

Sideways Dictionary explains all the tech-savvy words in simple languages. Recruiters often come across tech words like API, 2 Factor Authentication while reading job descriptions.

Don’t worry about these words anymore now that you have Sideways Dictionary at your disposal.

7.) Prophet

Prophet helps you discover more about a candidate via its social media profile. Apart from basic information, Prophet goes one step further and helps you find additional details about a specific candidate.

Prophet is free to get started.

8.) Buffer

Buffer let’s you post on multiple social media platforms at once. Recruiters can use to post about their positions and source candidates into their CRM/ATS easily.

9.) Feedly Mini

Did you come across a website but you are too busy to read it right now, well, you can use this extension to save it and read later. Feedly also helps you manage and organize all the interesting articles you come across daily.

Feedly is free.

10.) SimilarWeb

If you have your website, this can come in handy & help you with marketing stuff like SEO, traffic demographics. Recruiters who are into recruitment marketing will love this chrome plugin.

11.) StayFocusd

StayFocusd will help you put a time limit on addictive websites like reddit, facebook so that you can actually work instead of watching cat videos.
How this works?

You select a website, let’s say for example facebook.com and then you have to allocate some time to facebook.com, let’s say you want to surf 15 mins a day. You put 15 mins and now you can access facebook for 15 mins only. Once you have exhausted 15 mins, facebook will be inaccessible for the rest of the day. 

12.) LastPass

If you are still storing passwords in some notepad, then this is for you. LastPass is a password manager which helps you manage all of your passwords, bank accounts and address.

Helpful for recruiters to manage their passwords at one place.
LastPass comes with free trial for limited period.

13.) Mighty Sourcer

MightySourcer free chrome extension lets you find phone numbers and email addresses of your candidates quickly.

You can then send them an email and invite them to apply to your job in seconds. Time is money, this should be the unofficial motto of the Mighty Source.

14.) AmazingHiring

I often came across recruiters who checks digital footprint of her candidates or I would say social media footprint and I do agree with her, In 2019 it is necessary and will help you out hire good quality people.

This is where AmazingHiring comes in, the extension lets you track your candidate’s social media footprint.

15.) One Tab

This extension is a technical one but I’m sure you will need this. When you are using Google Chrome and browsing through the internet, you end opening multiple tabs that eventually hog up your memory, making your computer slow.

Whenever you open multiple tabs in Google Chrome, you end up wasting a lot of RAM which makes your laptop/computer extremely slow. This extension takes care of that mess and let’s you have more RAM to work with.

16.) LinkedIn Search Tool

This tool will search for people or your candidates, client on Linkedin instantly. It’s so simple to use and saves your time of going to linkedin.com and typing the name.

Just select the name and right click, choose Search Linkedin for “selected-name” and boom, you get a new tab with linkedin and search box filled with your query.

Must have for every agency recruiter out there!

17.) Data Miner

Use this extension to extract details like email, name from a webpage. This is useful for recruiters while sourcing candidates for a position to fill.

This extension is free.

18.) Dux-Soup for LinkedIn

Sourcing candidates on Linkedin? This tool records all the profile visits you do. Click one button and send invitation to them.

This tool has features like auto profile visit, auto invite (visited profile). Another great tool a recruiter should try.

Free get started!

19.) Lusha

Lusha is already popular among recruiters, specially used for extracting B2B information like emails and phone numbers of your candidates or clients.

Lusha is free to get started.

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