6 Sample Email Templates Recruiters Can Use to Keep Candidates Warm

Good email templates help you in providing all the information candidates need to be successful and comfortable during the process and it’s vital for a recruiter to be aware of them. However, it’s easy to fall into the trap of copy-paste-send when using a template system especially in terms of tone, content & presentation. This makes your communication less noticeable as it’s poorly personalized, harming the cordial relationship you might have built with your candidates early on in the recruitment process.

Taking an example here—if you tend to share a connection with the person you’re emailing who are for that matter your past candidates make sure you use this to your advantage. Choose their interests and strengths with a genuine attempt of knowing & understanding them and then top it up with a personal message.

Further, we have mentioned some warm engaging email templates that recruiters can use while sourcing candidates that are presentable and easily understood at the same time.

Take A Note Of These Sample Email Templates


Quality, predictable correspondence is the sign of an effective applicant experience — 81% of candidates state that constant notices from managers would essentially improve their experience. Utilizing enlisting email formats makes it simple to stay in touch with candidates — particularly those you’re keen — during each phase of the hiring cycle.

1. Using Instances Of Previous Informal Conversations

Subject Line: We have an opening for you closer to your new loft

Hi [Candidate_First_Name],

I am [Your_Name], an IT Recruiter at [Company].

We met around 2 months prior when you went after the website specialist job. I recollect you were searching for another loft around then. How did the house chase go? In spite of the fact that we chose to proceed onward with a more experienced competitor, our group was really intrigued by both your plan aptitudes and your uplifting demeanor during the interview measure. We presently have another opening for a lesser website specialist, that is nearer to your profile. I’d truly prefer to give you some more insights concerning the role if you’re interested.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Warm Regards,


2. Mentioning References

Subject: [Employee_Name] shared your profile with us!

Hi [Candidate_Name],

We are right now hoping to hire a trained Marketing professional and [Employee_Name] referenced that you may be a decent fit. From what I have seen in your [LinkedIn] profile, you have an amazing foundation in paid crusades and you’ve done some fascinating things coordinating special occasions, which is our need for this new role.

Here, at [Company], we’re continually searching for more extraordinary individuals like [Employee_Name], so we’d prefer to become more acquainted with you.

All the best!

Kind Regards,


Tip: Employee references could be a solid match, you should utilize an appropriate email format for your inward reference demand email. Ensure you incorporate all essential data: what your fresh recruit will do, who they’ll work with and so on.

3. Using Your Email To Reach Out To Other Candidates Indirectly

Subject: We’re searching for a [Job_Position] at [Company_Name]

Hi [Candidate_Name],

We are eager to report that we are as of now searching for a Technical essayist to join [Hiring_Manager_Name]’s team!

On the other hand, if you know somebody who comprehends end-client prerequisites and has insight in programming documentation, don’t hesitate to tell us by basically answering this email.

Warm Regards,


Note: (You can redo this example email for various employing stages and take on a more easygoing or formal tone, contingent upon your organization culture).

4. Sending An Update While Your Candidate’s Assessment Is On

Subject line: Update on the [Job_Position] regarding application at [Company_Name]

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I trust everything is great with you. This email is regarding a check-in about your status of the application for [Job_Position] [Hiring_Manager] is at present inspecting all [Assignments/Applications] and we’re hoping to plan a few meetings before the end of the following week. I will reach out to you again when I have any news regarding this till then please be patient.

Meanwhile, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email or at [Phone_Number], if you have any queries.

Kind Regards,


5. An Exclusive Invitation To Join Your Recruitment Agency’s Candidate Community

Subject line: Join our [Company_Name]’s exclusive community of candidates!

Dear [Candidate_Name],

I am welcoming you to join our [Company_Name]’s community which we have created exclusively for candidates!

As an individual from our organization, you will get select news about the business, different cool tasks we are dealing with, career advice directly from our senior recruiters, real-life examples of overcoming adversity at work and new job openings you might be willing to apply.

I am thereby inviting you to our network soon!


Best Regards,


6. Personalised Recruitment Mail

Subject Line: Hey [Candidate_First_Name], we’ve got an opening for you!

Hi [Candidate_Name],

I unearthed your profile on [Platform] and was highly impressed with your work experience. We are right now hoping to hire for a [Job_Role]. I see that you have a noteworthy foundation in [Niche], which is our perfect need for this new job.

I’d prefer to examine things further, so in case you’re keen on hearing more, please do get in touch with me.

Looking forward to getting with you,

Kind regards,


The art of crafting and writing good emails is one of the most important factors that set a good recruiter apart from the rest.

Incorporating a QR code using a dynamic QR code generator in an email could also be a good additional feature that you could try, in case you want your candidates to scan any data.

Here is a list of other resources that you might find convenient for yourself or your staffing agency,

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