First impressions always count. 

In a world full of emails and LinkedIn messages, email subject lines are what set the first impression on your candidates and clients. Consider it the cover of your book.

35% of email recipients decide whether or not to open emails based on subject lines alone. 

So how do you ensure your digital impression is just as enticing as a physical introduction?

These ten email subject lines crafted by our team are sure to make a lasting impression on your candidates!

Keep scrolling to access some handy tips for making these one-liners stand out.  

5 Best Practices for Crafting the Perfect Recruiting Email Subject Lines

The average open rate for emails sent in the recruitment industry is about 20%, which means you need to push yourself to stand out in your prospect’s inbox! 

1. Be Clear & Concise

Your subject line should be straightforward and clearly state your intention. This is the first thing prospects will read to decide whether to open your email. 

The ideal recruiting email subject lines should be clear and impactful, outlining why the recipient should open the email in as few words as possible. 

For instance, a short and engaging subject line like “Can we grab coffee?” is much more engaging and easier to digest than something like “Let’s grab a coffee to discuss job opportunities.” 

2. Add Elements of Personalization

Mentioning a candidate’s name in the subject line goes beyond just catching their eye.

Personalized subject lines that use the recipient’s name achieve a 22.2% higher open rate!

Simply mentioning a candidate’s name makes them feel valued and not just part of a mass list of prospects. You can always mention their skills and job title to make the email appear tailored just for them. 

3. Avoid Spam Trigger Words

If you want your recruiting email to be opened, it needs to land in your candidate’s inbox, not their spam folder. 

For starters, using certain words in your email subject line can mark your email as spam before a candidate even has a chance to read it. Avoid using desperate language in all caps like “URGENT,” “APPLY NOW,” or “FREE.” 

Using these trigger words in your subject lines also comes off as unprofessional. Check out this handy list if you’re looking for more spam email trigger words to avoid.  

4. Keep it Relevant & Avoid Being Vague 

The recipient will likely delete your email if your subject line is vague and impersonal. Just like your job descriptions, ensure that your email subject lines are easy to follow. 

To make them as relevant as possible, mention details including a candidate’s company, skills, or job title. By mentioning relevant details, a candidate is likelier to click through the email knowing what to expect. 

For example, a job seeker is more likely to click on an email that reads, “Perfect Role for Software Engineers Specializing in DevOps!” than “Looking for Software Engineers.” 

5. Switch up Your Subject Lines

Avoid using the same subject lines as your initial outreach in your new emails to candidates.

If your older email subject lines didn’t catch their eye the first time, what makes you think this time will be any different?

Before trying out a new subject line, send out a batch of test emails or consider A/B testing.  

10+ Compelling Email Subject Lines for Recruitment Outreach

Ready to put these tips into action?

As you brainstorm, here’s a list of recruiting email subject lines to grab your candidates’ attention. 

Just hit the ‘copy’ button, and the subject lines are all yours!

[Candidate_First_Name], Are You Looking for a Career Change?

[Company_Name] Hears Your Qualified in [Candidate_Skillset]!

[Company_Name] Wants Talented [Job_Title]s Just Like You!

[Refferal_Name] Thinks You’re an Excellent [Job_Title]!

[Candidate_First_Name] Your Resume/Profile Caught my Attention

Does Working at [Candidate_Company] Spark Joy?

[Company_Name] is Building a Kick-Ass [Job_Title] Team!

[Candidate_Name], Picture Yourself Working With [Company_Name?

Let’s Talk [Job_Title] Positions!

[Job_Title] Opportunity @ [Company_Name]–Let’s Chat?

Open Job Positions Are Waiting for You!

[Candidate_First_Name], Ready to Advance Your Career?

With these compelling email subject lines and tips, you’re sure to receive a higher open rate and more candidate leads. 

Don’t forget to share these with your colleagues and recruiter friends!