Picture this: You carefully craft a job posting for an important position in your organization, expecting a flood of qualified candidates.

But what you get instead is a mash-up of unsuitable applicants. Sounds familiar, right?

With the average cost-per-hire pitching at an astonishing $4,683, there’s never been a more crucial time to revamp your recruitment strategy with precision, clarity, and unrivaled effectiveness.

It’s time to adopt a targeted recruitment communication strategy—a vital tool that refines your hiring process, attracting top talent. 

This guide leads through crafting an ideal candidate profile, selecting effective communication channels, and building enduring relationships. Let’s get started!

What is a targeted recruitment communication strategy?

 recruitment communication

Imagine entering a crowd of talented guests at a bustling party. Your mission? Discovering the perfect match for your team. 

The challenge? Ensuring your voice rises above the chatter and music. 

Enter the targeted recruitment communication strategy—a master plan to attract the ideal candidates to your company. It’s all about crafting a captivating narrative, leveraging irresistible job ads, engaging messages, and strategic channel selection.

The power of a streamlined recruitment communication strategy

A well-honed targeted recruitment communication strategy isn’t just beneficial—it’s transformative. Here are five compelling reasons why you should prioritize developing a first-rate action plan:

1. Candidate engagement

Effective candidate communication keeps them informed and engaged throughout the hiring process. This fosters positive applicant experiences, boosting your brand reputation.

2. Quality of applicants

Tailored messages attract the right talent that matches your seeds, leading to a higher-quality applicant pool.

3. Speed of hire

With up to 42% of candidates abandoning an application due to difficulty and complexity, streamlined communication accelerates responses and decision-making, ultimately reducing time-to-hire.

4. Reduced costs

A targeted strategy minimizes the wastage of resources on unsuitable prospects, reducing overall recruitment costs.

5. Enhanced employer brand

Consistent and professional communication strengthens your brand, making your organization more attractive to top talent—particularly as 72% of applicants who have a bad experience will tell friends and family or share their experience online.

8 tactics to elevate your targeted recruitment communication strategy

recruitment communication

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1. Identify your target audience 

Start by knowing who your ideal candidates are. 

This requires a deep understanding of your vacancy and the skills, experiences, and characteristics that best align with your company culture. 

Conduct demographic analysis and thorough job requirement evaluations.

2. Craft a clear and compelling message

Your company has a unique story, and potential candidates should hear it. 

Define what makes your organization unique and articulate this in your job descriptions, emails, social media posts, and any other form of recruitment communication. 

Your message should be engaging and precise, offering a glimpse into your company culture. 

3. Choose the best communication channels 

Different communication channels resonate with different audiences. 

For instance, millennials may respond better to social media and email, while more senior professionals might prefer industry-specific job boards. 

Analyze where your target candidates are most active and engage them there. Consider leveraging social media for hiring, as it provides an excellent platform for sharing your narrative and shining a light on your applications.

4. Harness online communication

In this digital age, the power of online communication in recruitment is undeniable. With many top talents passively hunting for roles, being present and active in their online spaces is a game-changer.

Leverage platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential candidates and share engaging brand content. 

Embrace VoIP systems small business, a powerful tool for conducting digital interviews and live streams, essential in this remote-working age.

5. Keep candidates in the know

There’s no denying it, the recruitment process can be lengthy, so it’s important to keep candidates engaged. 

Regular updates about their application status or useful information about your company keep them interested and demonstrates your respect for their time and effort.

 recruitment communication

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6. Embrace data collection technology

Juggling CVs, cover letters, and tasks can overwhelm HR professionals.

Thankfully, current technologies offer solutions to digitize and streamline the hiring process

These tools can efficiently compile relevant candidate data, presenting it in a structured, easily navigable format.

7. Define your roles

Address any confusion before launching your recruitment campaign. 

Clarify the hiring manager’s role, identify the team leader, and determine who guides the interview process and their communication methods.

Answering these key questions helps ensure transparency of duties. 

When team members understand their roles, they can communicate more effectively and accelerate recruitment.

8. Learn from the feedback

Lastly, always seek to improve your strategy. 

Ask candidates for feedback on your recruitment communication through surveys or casual conversation. 

Use this insight to make necessary adjustments to your process—enhancing its effectiveness over time.

The next step?

To seamlessly secure top talent, you must craft an end-to-end hiring communication strategy that leaves no stone unturned. 

Begin by refining your shortlisting process, selecting the cream of the crop from a sea of exceptional applicants. 

You can create meaningful connections with candidates by identifying your target audience, crafting a compelling message, and utilizing the right communication channels. 

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Alwayne Powell – Director of International Digital Marketing, 8×8

Alwayne Powell is an experienced performance marketing leader with an extensive background in the digital space, working client and agency side to provide paid search, SEO, and CRO solutions in the B2B and B2C sectors. 

They are the current Senior Digital Marketing Manager at 8×8, contact center solutions and leading communication platform provider. You can find them on LinkedIn