Founder and CEO of DG Recruit, Dandan Zhu, is a headhunter and an entrepreneur who maximises a recruiter’s career in agency recruitment. In simple words, her company is a Rec2Rec recruitment firm that helps recruiters find their next great job! She helps recruiters starting from entry-level positions to executive ones learn and develop their skills.

As our episode progressed, we learnt that Dandan was one of the top headhunters in the firm that she was previously working for in New York and had amassed quite a fortune by the time she was 28. She started Dandan Global, a career coaching business that helped job seekers achieve the life and job they had envisioned for themselves with some of her best strategies.

DG Recruit was born when Dandan Global attracted Victor Wong to transition out of Finance and create a one-of-a-kind recruitment firm. Their team utilises Dandan’s extensive top-billing sales and candidate-care methodologies to provide exciting opportunities for recruitment professionals. Their speciality helps passive candidates network confidentially with rapidly scaling recruitment firms to take their career and business opportunities to heights.

Tune in to our 12th episode of the Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Dandan Zhu talk about her success story.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 12- Ft. Dandan Zhu

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