For our 7th episode, we hosted, Diana Haltermann who is the CEO & Co-Founder at Talented International, is a Senior Recruitment Lead with 14 years of proven track record in providing talent to a variety of multinational organizations and startups. Haltermann also has a certification in executive search and her company provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to help teams understand and select the right candidates with the right positions for their clients.

At Recruit CRM, we have been a major supporter of AI and the right usage of technology for the recruitment industry and we were more than thrilled to know that Talented International’s goals were quite similar to ours. In simple terms, their main aim is to innovate the industry and use a range of products from Artificial Intelligence for sourcing or selection, chatbots to engage candidates, to employee well-being and engagement platforms, as well as virtual reality training solutions.

The solutions their team had selected enable large data processing, resulting in an ability to source and select better and quicker for their clients while identifying key performers, improve gaps in training and rewarding their own employees. For a brief period of time, Diana was also the Senior European Recruiter at Facebook.

Tune into our seventh episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Diana Haltermann talk about her personal recruitment journey.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs-Episode 7-Ft. Diana Haltermann

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