Folks at Recruit CRM have been recently engaging with many recruitment entrepreneurs, and the one thing we find common in everyone is the insane amount of resilience.

Through our recruitment podcast, we mainly aim to bring the true spirit of an entrepreneur in front of recruiters and the staffing industry. And this time it was no different with the Founder of Retrained Search too.

Louise Archer, based in Grappenhall, UK, helps recruiters secure their work on a retained basis. She founded Retrained Search, 3 years back when she realised how there weren’t any effective modules available for recruiters to understand how the system of retained search works. As a result, Louise has developed a highly engaging, interactive training programme that teaches contingent recruiters how to sell and deliver retained search, generating sales of retained projects straight away and her course also gives recruiters the foundation on which they can build a successful search division, team or brand and the platform to develop other strategic services such as building a talent pipeline and insight studies.

She previously worked at 6 Group (as a Director of Executive Search and Leadership Advisory) which is the world’s leading Executive Search and Leadership Advisory firm specifically focused on the Energy and Utilities Sectors.

Tune into our eighth episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs series and hear Louise talk all about her journey and the practice of securing work on a retained basis for recruiters.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs-Episode 8-Ft. Louise Archer

We are live on Spotify with our 8th episode. You can now listen to it below.

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