Maxime Cohendet, the second guest for our Recruitment Entrepreneur Series, is best known in the recruitment industry as the co-founder of Avizio, a modern recruitment agency powered by next-generation candidate-referral network growing rapidly in France.

Cohendet best expresses himself as a multitasker and an active recruitment entrepreneur, all thanks to his vast experiences in the industry. He loves to build effective growth strategies and uses his creative growth hacks to bring in traffic and develop a sustainable audience on his B2C website.

While working at You2You, he had built a strong experience in operations by creating a fleet of bikers from scratch and running it in 16 zones and 5 cities!

Co-founded by Maxime, Avizio is known everywhere to connect the best talents with the most beautiful companies.

Today, the shortage of talents and their over-solicitation no longer only affects the Tech professionals, but every other sector in general. This is more like a war for talent! Nevertheless, Avizio has come up with several solutions:

  1. They are known to place talent at the heart of the process, offer them the most relevant challenges according to their desires, expectations and experience.
  2. Creation of a network of 300+ experienced managers. The latter, however, has been employed by the finest French Tech companies, which they often call upon to resolve two major HR issues:

a. The Sourcing Of Candidates: By calling up the personal network of each member of this Avizio network, they gain access to a hidden market of top profiles, which, moreover, are recommended and above all accessible. Who better to talk about a new opportunity than someone around them right?

Thanks to this new sourcing approach, Avizio is able to offer an ultra-fast, ultra-quality shortlist in an ultra-simple commercial offer.

b. Professional Skills Assessment: Avizio allows their clients to have their candidates’ hard skills assessed by a manager outside their company. For instance an expert from the Avizio network. This ensures objectivity in the recruitment process and ensures that there has been no bias (human fit vs omission of gaps) and also to provide technicality when resources or time are lacking internally. With more than 60 clients and 300 experts in their network, Avizio is experiencing significant growth, all thanks to this innovative recruitment model that they are implementing!

Tune in to our 2nd episode of Recruitment Entrepreneurs and hear everything about Maxime’s choices in his entrepreneurial journey and his company.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs – Episode 2 – Ft. Maxime Cohendet

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