Imagine this: You’re searching for the perfect candidate to join your team. You’ve posted job ads, sifted through countless resumes, and conducted interviews. Yet, something is missing. 

That one exceptional candidate remains always elusive. 

That’s why we’re here to unveil the secret to attracting top talent through recruiting marketing

From unraveling the power of social media to crafting an irresistible employer brand, get ready to witness a paradigm shift in your hiring success with these eight recruiting marketing ideas. 

#1 Prospective role quiz

recruiting marketing

It’s no secret that engagement plays a vital role in successful marketing. It’s the pivotal point that triggers your audience to take action. That action, in recruitment, is directing potential candidates towards job listings.

For example, you can craft a quiz tailored towards potential candidates. The concept is simple, but the impact is significant. They answer questions, giving you insights into their skills and aspirations.

Based on their responses, you could match them with the most suitable open position at your company. This isn’t just about filling a role, it’s about creating a perfect fit. Once the match is made, they’re directed to the relevant job description to explore further.

A quiz-driven approach not only maintains their interest but also adds value to their job search. Use a no-code quiz maker to build your quizzes from scratch or a template.

#2 Recruitment process infographic

Clarity and transparency are key when it comes to attracting top candidates. They value their time and want assurance that their efforts towards your company are worthwhile.

Typically, candidates invest considerable time researching your company before even hitting that ‘apply’ button. Following this, they often endure a potentially draining trial period. That’s a considerable commitment on their part.

This is where a thoughtfully designed infographic can revolutionize your recruitment process. By visually outlining what you expect from candidates and detailing how you’ll evaluate them, you bring a refreshing clarity to the process.

Through this illustrative approach, candidates understand not just the ‘what’, but the ‘how’ of your hiring process. It offers them the confidence to bring their best to the table, knowing what lies ahead. No surprises, no ambiguity – just a transparent journey towards potentially securing a position at your company.

#3 Company insider podcast

podcast for recruiting marketing

Intrigue and engagement – these are two driving factors that not only fascinate your customers but can also captivate potential candidates. Providing a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your company’s operations could create an enticing picture for prospective hires, encouraging them to take the next step – applying.

One innovative way to share this insider peek is through the medium of podcasts. Picture this: unscripted conversations that reflect the genuine, candid environment of your workplace, or maybe you’d prefer a well-structured podcast, leveraging the power of an engaging script.

If the scripted route appeals to you, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed about writing it. You can rely on expert writers from Best Writers Online to do the job for you. This platform connects you with experienced professionals who can weave engaging, podcast-worthy scripts. Make the most of this resource and let your company’s story echo in the ears of your potential candidates.

#4 Brand introduction presentation

Though candidates will generally do their own research on your brand before applying, it is still a good idea to present your employer brand to them. 

Doing this will give you control over what you want to highlight about your company and how you want to catch the attention of potential candidates.

You can create a presentation or slideshow introducing your brand and publish it on your website. Make sure that it is easy to share and  is downloadable. 

#5 Staff introduction brochure

Creating content about your existing staff can help you create an emotional connection with all your prospective candidates. 

Besides, if you have well-known staff members, it will be even more beneficial for your brand as a whole.

You can make a brochure introducing your staff members with their photos, names, and job titles. Make sure to add their personal stories to make them more relatable and interesting. 

This strategy serves a dual purpose – it elevates your employer brand and fortifies your initiatives aimed at retaining employees. 

#6 Blog with career tips

A woman reading a recruiting marketing blog for job seekers

Did you know the humble blog could be a magnet for potential candidates? If you’re concerned about blurring lines between customer-focused content and recruitment-oriented material, consider setting up a distinct career blog to draw in top-tier talent.

What if creating career-centric content consistently feels like a daunting task? No worries. You can turn to a custom writing service like Trust My Paper, where you’ll find skilled writers that cater to your unique needs. This ensures your career blog stays updated with high-quality content, serving as a compelling touchpoint for prospective candidates.

#7 Workplace video tour

Yet another way you can show what goes on inside your company (literally) is a video tour. Showing your company building, your working area, and hangout spots can help potential candidates better understand what they can expect from their work conditions. 

They might even start imagining themselves working at your company!

In addition to photos, you can also film a video tour of the workplace. Create a 360-degree virtual tour if you feel that will be more interesting. The goal is to show where your employees work and where your new recruits will work.

#8 FAQs for potential candidates

Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a comprehensive FAQ page for prospective candidates. Whether it finds a home on your careers website or links from your blog, it’s a valuable resource.

Addressing common inquiries can effectively decrease the volume of individual requests, eliminating confusion and enhancing clarity for your candidates.

Ensure your FAQ segment includes responses to both prevalent and historically asked questions that your company has encountered during previous recruitment phases. This way, you’re not just answering queries; you’re building confidence and rapport with potential hires.

Recruiting marketing is definitely a powerful tool for you to use as long as you know how to do it correctly. 

With these power-packed ideas, you and your hiring team will be set to create interesting content to attract and recruit potential hires into your company.