Originally from Croatia, Ivan Stojanovic moved to Dublin, Ireland in 1998 after he secured a job at Microsoft. After 5 years of working for the same, he started his own software company. While his entrepreneurial spirit kept him going for the next 10 years, a lot of his clients turned out to be recruitment agencies. He soon came to be known as the guy who makes the best recruitment website, in those early days when integration was not just simply about Zapier.

After setting up a group of engineers, he started re-engineering recruitment processes from the ground up in the backend. He built a strong network by successfully delivering this to over 100-150 recruitment agencies in both UK and Ireland.

Ivan recollects in our podcast, how his first gig was not that of a recruiter but that of a trainer. He started this journey by training major Irish recruitment agencies. After realising the immense cash flow in recruitment, he started Irish Recruiter in 2013 which soon became a hub for top quality IT candidates.

Stojanovic brings a spectrum of proven expertise from a sourcer to a talent-acquisition strategist, as well as a souring-trainer. An innovator and designer of user-friendly online recruiting solutions for both global brands and early-stage companies, Ivan now organises high-volume recruitment events and job fairs for European IT talent.

Listen to Ivan talk about making money from his first recruitment gig that he had organised in Croatia to what he would tell his 20-year old self in this episode.

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