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Recruit CRM's Recruitment Entrepreneurs Series Ft. Paul Arnesen

Recruit CRM Published on Nov 2, 2021

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Born and brought up in Norway, right outside of Oslo, Paul Arnesen has worked as an independent consultant, freelancer and contractor with his own companies. While he held full-time, long-term contracts as a Marketing and Recruitment project manager, he has also run online marketing campaigns for different clients in many segments across the globe.

Arnesen started working very early on in his career. He had a job as a paperboy when he was around 13 years old. While recollecting his cycling route in countryside Norway, he also talks about how he always wanted to be professionally engaged in sports. Though after serving in the military he took up a job as a Sales Consultant in Coca Cola, he realised this was not something that he wanted to do for the long-term.

After spending 7 years of his life learning the arts of Human Resources and Recruiting he started his own agency where he connected people he knew with other people, sort of like helping them network. Later acquired by a Maltese company, Talentroo provides bespoke workforce solutions by using a modern and innovative approach to recruitment.

Utilising a multitude of recruitment and sourcing practices, screening methods, and verification solutions, their approach to their clients' need for remote employees, remote team, and remote management staffing or global talent is custom-made to meet their current and future goals.

Listen to Paul Arnesen talk about travelling throughout the world to setting up Talentroo and being a digital nomad in this podcast episode.

Recruitment Entrepreneurs- Episode 26- Ft. Paul Arnesen

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